The world’s best Bakewell Tart at Tazzina

Tazzina Tearooms
Tazzina Tearooms


Sadly Tazzina’s is no more. Springs Café sprung up in it’s place – behind the village shop in the High Street – and lasted a year but they too have gone. BUT, Cuppacheeno are here now, with delicious looking cakes. I’m sure we shall be reviewing them very soon so watch this space. October 2015.


When visiting my parents house in Portsmouth last weekend, I couldn’t resist the chance to get out into the countryside, breathe in the fresh air – a world away from London. As my parents Saturday cycle ride was cancelled due to the snow, we decided to go for a walk in the Meon Valley. We wrapped up warm in our ski gear in preparation for the minus 1 chill and on our journey it was no surprise to hear a suggestion of coffee and cake before we set off on our walk up Beacon Hill. We stopped off at Tazzina situated in the small Hampshire village of West Meon.

Our choice of cakes
Our choice of cakes

We regularly visit Tazzina on our cycle rides and usually sit outside with our bikes. However, due to the snow we opted for the warmth of one of the inside tables. My dad ordered a chocolate brownie, an unexpected choice for him, whilst mum went for her usual, a slice of lemon polenta cake. I pondered between the four choices of cake on display and decided on a butterscotch and pecan slice. I changed my order soon afterwards to a bakewell tart which I had seen just come out the oven. I have a habit of going back and changing my order as I am hugely indecisive when it comes to food and drink. On this occasion it certainly paid off.

The best bakewell tart
The best bakewell tart

Tazzina’s bakewell tart was by far the best bakewell tart I had ever had. Fresh out the oven, its warmth meant the jam inside was slightly runny, resulting in an irresistible gooey centre. With such a sweet tooth, I normally prefer bakewell tarts with icing on top but this one was perfect as it was. The top of the tart had a thin crispy glaze which gave way to the smooth almondy paste when bitten in to. A sprinkle of almond slices provided flavoursome decoration. The base of the tart was slightly crispy with pastry baked to perfection. This was home-made baking at its best.

Not knowing the delight that awaited, I agreed to swap half for some of my dad’s chocolate brownie. The brownie was pleasant with a rich chocolate taste and small chunks of nuts hidden throughout. It was extremely dense and heavy in texture, this along with its richness meant it was rather filling. I would have this brownie again but if it was a choice between this and the bakewell, the bakewell would win without a shadow of a doubt.

Lemon polenta cake
Lemon polenta cake

Mum’s lemon polenta cake looked deliciously moist. It is quite a ‘damp’ cake, very moist and quite crumbly but in a ‘wet’ way. It contains no flour to sop up the wet ingredients and is good for people who are gluten intolerant. The polenta makes the cake seem ‘grainy’ but in a nice way. It’s like a lemon drizzle cake but grainier and more moist. Mum ordered a polenta cake at L’Eto Caffe in Soho, London (and it wasn’t cheap!) with the hope that it would taste as nice as Tazzina’s and she was SO disappointed. It was nothing like the one you receive at this little tearoom.

Outside seating area
Outside seating area

I can’t wait for my next visit to Tazzina for my next fix of their extraordinary bakewell tart. All cakes are baked by the young lady owner (on the premises, I think) who is always very friendly, pleasant and welcoming. The coffee is also very nice here with a little pretty ‘leaf’ design on top. If you’re after something a bit more substantial, they have an appetising savoury menu which includes seasonal sandwiches, quiches and hearty breakfasts. Adjoining the tea room is the village shop selling a selection of produce such as home-made granola which they hope to sell online in the not too distance future. Tazzina also specialises in celebration cakes, details of which can be found on their website. If you happen to visit West Meon or fancy a trip to the gorgeous Meon Valley then I would certainly recommend a visit to Tazzina.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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