AMISQI Alfajores

Nicely presented gift box
Nicely presented gift box

Alfajores are a traditional Latin American delicacy made up of dulce de leche sandwiched between two shortbread-like biscuits and dusted with icing sugar. Also popular in Spain, I’m surprised I never came across them when travelling the country last summer, with my first experience of Amisqi‘s alfajores being at this year’s Chocolate Festival in London . This may be because I haven’t regarded the Spanish as being particularly famous for their sweet treats and the hot weather meant I fulfilled my sugar cravings with ridiculous amounts of ice cream and frozen yogurt, notably Smooy.

Box of 16 vanilla and chocolate covered alfajores
Box of 16 vanilla and chocolate covered alfajores

Back in London, my first experience of alfajores was a cold one as the temperature barely reached above freezing, but I knew there and then I must try more. I spoke with Alexandra, the founder of Amisqi, who told me about her journey and everything there is to know about alfajores. If like me you love hearing about the origin of food, you can read up on the history of alfajores herePeruvian-born Alexandra spent her childhood baking alfajores with her grandmother and it has certainly paid off. Like most English women, I love a good biscuit but too much dunken’ leaves my teeth feeling sensitive, so I’ve had to say goodbye to my favourite treat. With this in mind, I was a little worried about how my box of 16 alfajores would go down so I planned to take them in to work the following Monday.

Vanilla alfajores - truly the best!
Vanilla alfajores – truly the best!

I needn’t have worried as alfajores are the softest most delicate biscuit I have ever tasted and were so gentle on my teeth, I ended up eating half the box before I remembered to take a photo for this review and in case you were wondering, they never made it through the weekend. Small and square, each biscuit was just enough for a couple of bites but be warned, they are very moorish. The biscuit is similar to a buttery shortbread but in a way which is inexplicably unique, as I happen to dislike the taste of shortbread but loved the taste of these. Although delicate and crumbly, the alfajores didn’t make a mess when eaten and the dulce de leche held the biscuits in place wonderfully.

Chocolate covered vanilla alfajores!
Chocolate covered vanilla alfajores!

The dulce de luce was thick and creamy, a little like a soft caramel and provided that added wow factor, making this biscuit suitable as an after dinner dessert, a world away from a Jammy Dodger, usually scoffed down in one. Currently, alfajores come in three flavours; vanilla (with or without chocolate on top), chocolate and pecan. My box contained vanilla  with half covered in chocolate. The chocolate covered ones were nice but I actually preferred the plain ones as the taste of the biscuit and dulce de leche was so good it didn’t need anything else. It was nice to have two different flavours in a box though, and I ended up purchasing an identical box a couple of weeks later.

I gobbled the box before I had the chance to take many photos so here's one from the Facebook page
I gobbled the box before I had the chance to take many photos so here’s one from their Facebook page:

First the introduction of Marzipan chocolates from Amanche and then Amisqi’s alfajores, London’s multicultural food scene is greater than ever and I’m thankful I’m able to taste foods of the worlds when settled in the UK. It goes without saying that Amisqi’s alfajores are my favourite biscuits in the world, even better than TimTams (and that’s saying something!) and even at cost of £10 for a box of 16 they are worth every penny. Amisqi currently deliver across London zones 1 and 2 every Friday and Saturday and respond to special requests such as private parties and corporate events. Amisqi also attend a number of food events such as London’s Coffee Festival which took place last weekend. You can also find them at Peruvian restaurant Ceviche in Soho where they are served with ice cream. For more information about this undiscovered London gem, visit the website.

I can happily say I’ve found the best doughnuts, the best gelato, the best bakewell tart, and now, thanks to Amisqi, the best biscuits!

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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