Arnotts Timtam’s

It’s not often I am lucky enough to get my hands on a pack of Arnotts TimTam’s, so thought I would start this blog with a review of one of my favourite biscuits. A TimTam could be mistaken for a Penguin bar but believe me, it is so much more! The biscuit consists of a light, creamy chocolate mousse which is sandwiched between two rectangular honeycomb biscuits and covered in a layer of chocolate.

The texture is delicate and slightly crispy and doesn’t crumble like other biscuits. The chocolate melts but not as much as Galaxy or Cadburys which isn’t a problem if eaten in the correct way!At my request, my aussie friend Mel recently brought a couple of packs of original TimTam’s over to England with her. These can also be found in stores over in the UK which specialise in foreign brands but they tend not to taste as nice as a packet direct from Australia. There is a wide variety of flavours including white chocolate, caramel and cookies and cream. TimTam’s are special not just because they remind me of my time in Australia, but they have the ability to transform into a soft gooey cake in a matter of seconds. There is a certain way to eat biscuits and TimTam’s are no exception.

I will now introduce the TimTam Slam, the correct way to eat the biscuit known to all those in Australia. The step-by-step below guide will allow you to experience the full pleasure a TimTam has to offer.

Step 1: Prepare a warm drink such as a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and get your biscuits at the ready

Step 2: Nibble off the diagonal corners of the biscuit

Step 3: Using the pre-nibbled TimTam as a straw, start to suck up the drink through the biscuit from one corner to another.

Step 4: Immediately flip the TimTam and slam it into your mouth and feel it transform into a gooey cake-like texture.

Top Tip: Be careful not to suck for too long or else the biscuit will collapse and fall into your drink!

This process means the biscuit only lasts a couple of seconds, which goes against my usual way of consuming a sweet treat (indulging slowly to make the moment last!) So, the biscuits become additive and a pack can vanish in an instant. You have been warned! Despite this, there is only one way to eat a TimTam in order to full appreciate this fabulous little biscuit! Have you been lucky enough to try any of the other flavours?

Living live, loving cake,


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  1. I discovered this in New Zealand several years ago and can still remember how good it was. Delicious!

    1. Good to hear they are in NZ too! Have you tried any other flavours? I would love to try white chocolate and cookies and cream!

      1. I haven’t tried many flavours unfortunately, but cookies and cream sounds very interesting.

  2. There is nothing like the power of a Tim Tam dunked in tea.

  3. I looove TimTams. I haven’t had one in years though. Tesco used to stock them but not anymore sadly. I’ve tried doing the Tim Tam slam with Penguins; they’re nice, but just not the same.

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