• Products
  • Valor Chocolate from Spain

    The good thing about having colleagues who make recent trips abroad is that I can easily get my hands on an array of foreign products to try. Last week, Laura brought back a large slab of Valor chocolate from Spain. Although I’ve visited Spain a fair few times, I have yet to sample Valor chocolate […]

  • Turkey
  • A right sticky mess in Turkey

    Now, I certainly didn’t book my holiday to Turkey because of the food. I am a big fan of hummus and stuffed aubergines, but my view of Turkish desserts isn’t that positive, with my only experience being a sample of Baklava at a local food festival. I wasn’t impressed. Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry […]

  • Products
  • Hershey’s from across the globe

    One of the bonuses of working in an office is the number of treats floating around. Whether it’s in celebration of someone’s birthday or a return from holiday, there is always something to provide me with my daily sugar kick. Last week saw the return of Laura from the US and this week, Ausrine, who […]

  • France
  • French Flan – A Parisian Gem

    I have to share with you this hidden gem, tucked away in the streets of Paris. Le Moulin De La Vierge can be found in a number of locations throughout Paris but that doesn’t make it any less charming and boutique like. This cute little Parisian patisserie caught our eye due to the number of […]