Hershey’s from across the globe

One of the bonuses of working in an office is the number of treats floating around. Whether it’s in celebration of someone’s birthday or a return from holiday, there is always something to provide me with my daily sugar kick. Last week saw the return of Laura from the US and this week, Ausrine, who holidayed in Canada. It was no surprise that both ladies brought back goods by Hershey’s, the leading confectionery brand in the USA/Canada.The Reece’s brand has recently grown in popularity on British soil and can now be found in most food stores.  As a lover of peanut butter, I’ve tried Reece’s Pieces, Reece’s Nutrageous and Reece’s Cups, so I was happy to see a huge bag of Reece’s mini peanut butter cups sitting on the end of our desk.  Each individual cup sat in a parchment paper case which was wrapped in shiny silver foil. This is an unnecessary amount of packaging if you ask me, but that’s America for you! The perfectly formed cups consist of a shell of Hershey’s milk chocolate with a thick chocolate lid which could be easily removed between the grip of your teeth before indulging  in the rest. I don’t particularly like the taste of Hershey’s chocolate but I do like its melt-in-your-mouth consistency. The peanut butter filling was incredibly sweet and a little gritty, as if it has been made with real crunchy peanuts. The only problem I had with Reece’s mini peanut butter cups was that they were too small and therefore impossible to make last. After a grand total of 5 that day, I convinced my colleagues I could eat the whole bag but soon changed my mind after the 5th day of snacking on them! Don’t be fooled by their size, this incredibly rich treat should not be consumed in large quantities.It was the first time I had come across Oh Henry, although I have tried countless similar products from the US/Canada.  These products can be found in the increasing number of specialised sweet stores which stock hard-to-find products from across the globe, usually America. The products in these stores are usually so overpriced I don’t bother purchasing them, so I jumped at the chance to review this Canadian chocolate bar from Hershey’s.  Oh Henry is a lot like a Snicker’s Bar (UK) but overloaded with nuts. A thin sliver of caramel runs through the centre holding together the countless peanuts around it. The disparate ratio of caramel and nuts give every bite of Oh Henry a super crunch. It is certainly very Moorish. The bar is covered with a layer of Hershey’s milk chocolate which is thick enough to bite off to leave just the nuts and caramel, if you are a big fan of nuts.  Each mini bar was highly satisfactory as the quantity of nuts was filling and the chocolate and caramel kept my sweet cravings at bay.  Unlike the Reece’s cups, I could have probably eaten another one without feeling overwhelmed with sugar.  However, I learnt my lesson and limited myself to just one mini bar a day (maybe two!) .  Mini Oh Henry’s are a perfect 3pm pick-me-up, accompanied with a tea or coffee at my desk. It was nice to try something different, as these Hershey’s products are so overpriced in the UK, I certainly won’t be forking out £1.80 when there are just as nice chocolate bars in the local newsagents.  Saying that, the other day I found a Mars Bar priced at £1.10 in WH Smith’s. The increasing price of chocolate is a whole different can of worms that just isn’t worth opening.  Back at the office, the novelty of chocolate from a faraway land soon wore off and to be totally honest, Hershey’s isn’t anything to write home about.
Living life, loving cake,
H x

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