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  • Café Gray Deluxe: Hong Kong

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    What a shame Geoff and I found Café Gray Deluxe too late as we loved it and had we found it earlier we most definitely would have returned. Geoff had it on his list of ‘places to eat’ but we stupidly saved it for our last day in Hong Kong. We could have kicked ourselves […]

  • Hong Kong
  • Eating my way round Hong Kong

    Good news foodies, I’m going to give you the low-down on Hong Kong’s best local eats to give you a taste of what this incrEDIBLE city has to offer. After my unfortunate incident with a parasite which left me hospitalalized, you would have thought I’d be off local eats, but those who have travelled Asia know […]

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  • Exploring Hong Kong at the Mooncake Festival

    Exploring Hong Kong, where do I start? I love local events as they offer the perfect opportunity to explore a country’s culture, so when I read about the Mooncake festival I penciled it in to my imaginary near non-existent itinerary. A festival named after a cake – this I just HAD to attend! I had hoped to arrive in […]