My Japan Bucket List

Japan travel
Japanese anime cafe!

Japan is a destination I’ve been wanting to visit for years. I love Japanese culture even though I am yet to truly experience it myself. I love hearing about the crazy trends in Japan, the latest animal cafés and just all the weird shit that goes on. The weird and wonderful fashion is just up my street and the food, oh the food! I cannot wait to devour my first bite of fresh sushi.

Japan travel
All set for Japan but stuck in Bali!

I always spend a great deal of time researching a place before I visit as I find it enjoyable to read about the history, culture and most importantly, what to eat. Despite weeks of researching, I rarely find myself sticking to my plan and rather wing it and go along with whatever opportunities arise, often following the path of others.

Japan travel
Japanese children watching manga on their phones in Bali

I thought I’d share with you my Japan bucket list so you can understand why I am so excited about this trip and maybe it will help you compile your own if you plan to visit one day. I’m currently stuck in Bali’s International Airport after my early morning flight has been delayed five hours thanks to volcanic ash on the island.

Japan travel
Stranded with no money, food or water

It’s rather chaotic here as no one knows what is going on but I do enjoying watching people get all irate and worked up over it. Life sucks yeah but it’s a situation out of everyone’s hands so just sit back and chill the hell out.

Japan travel
Crazy Japan!

I’m sat here with my new travel buddy Joanna who is from Brittany in France. Our meeting must have been in our destiny as we shared a hostel dorm in Ubud. We got chatting, as you do, and realised we are on the same flight to Osaka – not a hugely popular route from Bali I must say. We spent the last few days together in Ubud and plan to stick with each other in Osaka and Kyoto this week.

Japan travel
Japanese organic market at Kafe Topi, Ubud

Another weird happening took place on Sunday when we visited the local market. When we arrived we were astonished to learn that it was a Japanese market and we were the only non-Japanese people there. We had a great time chatting to Japanese locals and sample a taste of things to come.

Japan travel
Square dogs in Japan

So what are the things that have attracted me to Japan? Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish during my 26 days there:

  1. See Mount Fuji
  2. Take a naked bath in a public Japanese Onsen (natural hot spring)
  3. See the autumn colour leaves in Kyoto
  4. Spot a geisha 
  5. Watch a sumo match 
  6. Stay in a capsule hotel 
  7. Ride a bullet train
  8. Visit a themed café – anime, manga or animal
  9. Stay the night at a strangers house in my first couchsurfing experience
Japan travel
Unlike the man next to us, there’s no way we’d let this ruin our excitement for Japan!

Surely you didn’t think that all this commotion would ruin our spirits? Hell no. We’re off to explore Japan!!

Living life, loving Japan! (even though I’m not quite there yet).

H x

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