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  • Four destinations in a day; Hiroshima, Japan

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    Visiting four destinations in a day to get that all important photo moment was a bit wasted on me. Seeing the world isn’t about ticking things off a list or adding to an expanding photo album, it’s about new experiences, enjoying the moment and taking it all in. My trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima was quite an adventure to say the least.

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  • Uncovering traditional Japan: Ehime Japan

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    After another terrible nights sleep I woke to a typical Japanese breakfast of grilled salmon, scrambled egg, rice, yoghurt, fruit and garlic bread rolls (I think these were added to cater for the western tourist, ie., moi). I was touched at the effort Taka had gone to make me feel at home. It was a […]

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  • CouchSurfing in Imabari : Ehime, Japan

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    I was nervous about my first couchsurfing experience as I got off the cargo ship from Osaka port. I was staying with 63 year old Japanese retiree, Taka. Taka and I spent a long first day together in Ehime. We visited rabbit island, local shrines, Imabari castle and cycled some of the Shimanami Kaido cycle route. A lot happened that day!

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  • Weird and wonderfully unique: Osaka, Japan

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    Osaka was my first stop in Japan and it was a perfect welcoming. My first night was spent in a capsule hotel, totally weird and wonderfully unique. Just like the rest of the city which surprised me at every corner. My visit was packed with crazy adventures including a trip to the local food market where I was met by the kindness of others.