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  • My Japan Bucket List

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    While stranded in Bali’s international airport due to volcanic ash, I thought it would be nice to share with you my Japan bucket list to give you an insight into this incredible country. Also find out how I spent my last, very eventful day in South East Asia!

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  • Stuck on the Gili Islands: Indonesia

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    I’ve returned to the Gili Islands to do exactly what I did during my two months here last year. Relax, unwind and eat deliciously fresh fish and mouthwatering desserts. The Gili Islands in Indonesia are my haven. Read on to find out why I love it enough to return, time and time again.

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  • Return to Mowie’s: Gili Air, Indonesia

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    As much as I love trying new things, sometimes it’s nice to return to old digs for your favourite dish or in this case, multiple favourites. I’ve returned to paradise island Gili Air to visit friends at Mowie’s who I met last year when I was backpacking through South East Asia. In 2014 I got “stuck” on […]

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  • Food adventures in Ubud; Bali, Indonesia

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    I’m sad to bring you my last post from South East Asia but I’m happy this one is filled by tales of crazy adventures and photos of wonderful food. My time in Bali has been a good one and I’ve found myself returning to Ubud for the second time in a fortnight. Read on to find out why…