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  • My Japan Bucket List

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    While stranded in Bali’s international airport due to volcanic ash, I thought it would be nice to share with you my Japan bucket list to give you an insight into this incredible country. Also find out how I spent my last, very eventful day in South East Asia!

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  • Sumo-sized adventures: Fukuoka Japan

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    I arrived in Hakata Bus Station,¬†Fukuoka at 22:35 knowing full well all reasonably priced accommodation was fully booked. I thought I’d take my chances and try a couple of hostels I saw unavailable online as often places keep a handful of their beds for walk-ins. The second hostel I visited was closed for the evening, […]

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  • The beauty of Brazil

    One of the best things about travelling is the food. I love trying new dishes and stumbling upon weird and wonderful treats unheard of in the UK. My recent trip to Brazil was a culinary affair as I was lucky enough to be travelling with three girlfriends who share my love of good food and […]