Attibassi, Chichester – it’s all about the coffee

Nice comfy chairs

UPDATE 06/04/2018: Sadly The Forum has suddenly closed. Chichester is losing lots of their independent businesses. Personally I like Coffee Lab’s coffee and their chocolate brownies are delicious. Luckes for lunch or Purchases for a more posh lunch. Arties Kitchen serve tapas now. If you know of anywhere in chi’ where I can find something like avo’ on toast with grilled halloumi give me a shout 😉

UPDATE: Same owners but now called Forum and is larger having taken over the shop next door.

Attibassi  is an espresso brand from Bologna in Italy, a town I have visited and where my close friend Catia hails from. Attibassi the espresso bar is located within Church Square in Chichester, West Sussex where a couple of well-known restaurant ‘chains’ are. I sat outside, hoping that no one would light-up a cigarette as last time Geoff and I tried to sit outside and have a drink here, that’s what happened. It was such a beautiful day that we just didn’t want to sit indoors so went elsewhere. But I knew that I would return.

Attibassi’s menu

The staff were friendly and I popped inside to give them my order. The menu is kept quite simple with several different panini’s, a few salads, a cold meat platter, fresh croissants for breakfast, a few other choices plus three desserts. House wines were also available and the usual coffees, plus caffe Nutella which is a mocha containing Nutella. Now that sounds good. Truffle mocha also sounded nice.


My cappuccino was served very different than other places I’ve been to. A long tall glass of warm milk, the kind of glass you normally have latte’s in, and a small glass of espresso. I poured the whole glass into the milk, but I suppose you could add as little or as much as you wanted. It wasn’t terribly hot but luckily the taste made up for it. I would have said that this was a latte and that they got my order wrong, but on the bill it did say ‘cappuccino’ so who am I to argue? 😉

Salami with buffalo mozzarella and roasted peppers

I chose the days ‘special’ which was ciabatta with salami, buffalo mozzarella and roasted peppers. This was served with a small salad of mixed leaves drizzled with herby olive oil. I don’t normally have ciabatta’s but this was very fresh and tasty. I learned that it came from Farretti Bakery in Lodsworth which I’m familiar with as I just love their herb olive oil – which I can’t find anywhere anymore.

Torta della nonna

I moved inside for my dessert as it was getting a little too cool outside. There were only three desserts on offer and I went for the Torta della nonna which is a creamy lemon tart. The pastry base was sweet and the smooth and tangy lemon cream was very tasty. This was then dusted with icing sugar and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. If ice-cream’s your thing then they have two cabinets containing gelato from Ariela Gelato of London with flavours such as bubble gum, a lovely bright blue and several other delicious sounding flavours.


I had to have an espresso of course and it was tiny-tiny and had a really nice taste I must say. It wasn’t bitter nor did it have an unpleasant after-taste and no faces being pulled by me so it was a thumbs up.


Inside was very pleasant with a few large red chairs and normal chairs at tables. There were also tall chairs along one wall with a counter-like table. Books, papers and magazines were available to pass the time and plinky plonky jazz music was playing in the background. A very large coffee machine had pride of place at the main counter.


Attibassi has a nice relaxed feel to it and I felt that I could get very comfortable just sitting there in a corner reading and drinking coffee all day. I have to return to Chichester this week and will definitely pop back in there for another coffee and also pick up a bag of their espresso blend which is also available to order online. I like Chichester very much and have reviewed several places including Artisan Cafe, Amelie & Friends and Bill’s to name but a few.


Living life, loving cake

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