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Croquembouche - Piece Montee - profiteroles pyramid
A Christmas croquembouche – profiteroles pyramid

UPDATE: Sadly Amelie & Friends are no more. The good news is that a new restaurant called Purchases has taken over the place along with new owners and a new chef. Read our review here.



I’ve been to Amelie & Friends in North Street, Chichester several times over the last couple of years or more since they’ve opened. Sometimes just for a cake and a coffee, sometimes lunch and more recently for an evening meal with my sister in November. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we returned in late December along with our husbands.

Lots of lovely pork scratchings
Sea salt pork scratchings

I loved what I’d had the previous month and as I’m a creature of comfort I ordered the same apart from the dessert. As a pre-starter we all shared the bread basket filled with a couple of different kinds of fresh bread/rolls and also the pork scratching – very naughty but very nice. The scratchings were excellent. Crispy and lots of them.

Roast chestnut soup

I enjoyed the soup again which was Roast Chestnut Soup with Pecorino, Pancetta and Thyme Croutons.  It was lovely and thick, very tasty and came with a roll and butter.

6 hour pork belly
6 hour pork belly

The  6 Hour Pork Belly with Mange Tout, Crushed New Potatoes, Sea Salt Crackling, Apple Crisps and Port Jus was delicious, the meat just melted in my mouth. More pork scratchings, but I knew this and you just sometimes can’t have enough of them.

Christmas pudding & Bailey's ice cream
Christmas pudding & Bailey’s ice cream

Last time I enjoyed the lemongrass parfait with pineapple salsa, not normally something I would order but the couple on the table next to us said they enjoyed it. It was so nice I almost had it again this time but chose instead the Christmas pudding & Bailey’s ice-cream. Again, ice-cream is not something I normally order as a dessert, I don’t mind if it’s accompanying a dish of course but this was really yummy with lots of big chunks of delicious Christmas pudding amongst the Bailey’s ice cream.

Lemongrass Parfait with Warm Pineapple Salsa
Lemongrass Parfait with Warm Pineapple Salsa

Last time we enjoyed a glass of white but this time we all shared a bottle of red, 2010 ’3′ Tinto from Spain which was very nice.


The interior of Amelie & Friends is nice and clean looking, not too fussy and without any clutter. Wooden flooring and tables, white walls with a few very good paintings of local scenes. The lighting on the walls is somewhat different. They look a little like reclaimed lights from an old fashioned underground tunnel or cellar. There is a large conservatory with more tables and chairs and in the summer they have a lovely sunny walled garden where everyone wants to sit, with olive trees. I remember having a very thick and creamy gooseberry fool a couple of times in the summer which was divine. I’m hoping that will be back on the menu for this summer. If you don’t want a large meal there are lighter bites for lunch time or just enjoy one of their delicious cakes or desserts with a coffee. Take a look at our post on Amelie & Friends from 18 months ago, still worth a read, although I think it has improved a lot.

I thoroughly recommend visiting Amelie & Friends. The staff are friendly and attentive and I shall definitely be returning again. Soon I hope because their Sunday lunch sounds fabulous!


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