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Last Sunday I returned to Amelie and Friends with my parents, after kindly being invited back after a not-so-tasty experience with their coffee. It appears that the supplier of coffee was not the only change they had made. There was no longer a large selection of cakes at the front of the shop and these were now to be ordered direct from the menu. To our disappointment, the menu included only three cakes; coffee mascarpone, carrot and chocolate brownies at £3.00 each. As I had already sampled their delicious brownies, I decided on a piece of carrot cake and a skinny hazelnut latte. The restaurant manager introduced herself and played waitress for our table.

Our cakes arrived (two carrot, one coffee) and looked almost identical and we struggled to tell them apart. The portion size was fairly small but it was just enough to leave you feeling satisfied and not overly full. The sponge was delicate and fresh, and included small chunks of nuts and carrot shavings. The icing was more like a cream cheese as opposed to a frosting, but was tasty none the less. I have a feeling this tasted similar to the icing on my mum’s coffee and mascarpone cake as she mentioned the lack of coffee taste in hers.We were a little let down by the duration of time we waited between receiving our cake and coffee. By the time our coffees arrived the cake was long gone, I tried to hold out as I wanted my coffee and cake together, but it was impossible to wait any longer. The latte was a thousand times better than my previous visit, with just enough syrup in it for a sweet, nutty flavour. It is nice to know Amelie and Friends listen to their customers and take their comments on board, I suppose we are treated as  ‘friends’ in a way.  Although a little disappointed on the cake front, we wanted to return later that day for lunch but unfortunately couldn’t find anything on the Sunday menu that was suitable for a late lunch (Sunday menu included breakfasts, eggs, pancakes etc). I am keen to visit next time I am at my parents and try their weekday lunch or dinner menu. All in all, Amelie and Friends is a cute little restaurant with quality dishes and an interesting menu.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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