Toast: East Perth, Australia

An attractive setting overlooking the Swan River

I wasn’t feeling great after a week in hospital, but I wanted to spend some time with my good friend Mel, so when she suggested going for brunch at her local Toast, I jumped at the chance. Even though she lives just up the road, it was also Mel’s first visit to¬†Toast but she had heard good things so like a good friend should, I trusted her word – plus she knows they’d be hell to pay if it was crap ūüėČ Apart from treating myself to coffee and cake, going for an Aussie-style brunch is my favourite social activity, even topping an evening filled with espresso martini’s. After seven months on the road I couldn’t wait to reach Australia and wake up to some of my favourite flavours; avacado, pumpkin and a decent flat white.

Flat White coffee from Toast

Toast is situated in East Perth on the Swan River and is surrounded by a small selection of bars and restaurants. It is a modern yet charming little place with lots of flower pots and tables and chairs outside. Australian’s love to be outdoors so most people, including us, were sat outside on the river even though it was a nippy winters day. I wanted something sweet, but I try not to make a habit of eating cake for breakfast so I settled on ordering something containing my favourite Aussie veggies. Just like I did with my friend Sarah when having brunch at Beaufort Street Merchant, Mel and I shared two dishes which caught our eye: Turkish bread with spinach, chargrilled pumpkin, Danish feta, hummus and pinenuts¬†and corn fritters with avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce¬†and of course my usual flat white coffee.¬†

Corn fritters with avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

The corn fritters were not something I had had in a while, although they appear to be a staple brunch item in Australia,¬†so I was excited about trying something a little different. The fritters were incredibly flavoursome and possibly the best part of both dishes, with a crispy coating and sweet and juicy inside. This was by far my favourite dish of the two, although the Turkish bread wasn’t bad either but the lack of flavour in the pumpkin let it down. The bread was well toasted, a little like a panini, but in my eyes nicer tasting bread and the spinach and feta melted together nicely. Both dishes were well presented and came with a salad garnish, which is a must in my eyes.

Turkish bread with spinach, chargrilled pumpkin, danish feta, hummus and pinenuts

My flat white was lovely and creamy, just as every other flat white I’ve had in Australia. Oooo I do wish every nation did coffee like this (although Vietnamese coffee is pretty spectacular!). The price of our brunch was reasonable and the service good too. I felt a bit silly going to a place called Toast and not having one of their signature toast dishes like the wonderful sounding mascarpone, fig and honey on toasted banana bread, but on this occasion I was truly craving pumpkin and avocado. When returning from the loo I noticed a table full of spreads including country jams, peanut butter and Nutella which you can help yourself to if having one of the toast items.¬†¬†I was planning on returning for a slice of their toasted banana bread but there are so many places to go for banana bread¬†in Perth and I’m all about trying new things.

Walking off brunch along the Swan River

After a satisfying brunch, Mel and I enjoyed a nice stroll along the Swan River back to her place where I spent the afternoon crashed out on the sofa dreaming about banana bread and peanut butter, ooo what a wonderful combination! Next time I’m in Perth I will have to take another trip to Toast and indulge in one of their many sweet treats¬†and maybe even a Chai Latte, another favourite of mine I spotted on the menu. I would certainly recommend Toast as one of the best settings for brunch in¬†Perth.

Living life, loving travel,

H x

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