Galeta’s Pastéis de Nata

Galeta's boxed delivery
Galeta’s boxed delivery

Every now and then we get sent something that is that little bit special. Something which gives us a ‘wow’ moment. Galeta‘s Pastéis de Nata’s did just that! Baked that very morning and delivered fresh to Helen’s place of work they survived the 3 hour tube/train journey home – and in one piece may I add, there was no evidence of any nibbling. Along with the Classic Pastéis de Nata’s, Galeta kindly sent us a carrot cake too.

Pastéis de Nata
Pastéis de Nata 

Pastéis de Nata’s are Portugese custard tarts. Not like our British version of custard tarts at all really. These are baked from a 300 year old recipe! The puff pastry is rather more like a filo pastry wrapped round and round in layers with the incredibly tasty egg custard sitting in the middle. They smell deliciously sweet and eggy. The custard is thick and so not messy and tastes wonderful. The pastry edges of the tarts are fairly crisp but the rest is soft and the custard is browned in patches on top. The whole family enjoyed the taste of these tarts.

Lovely thick sweet custard centre wrapped in puff pastry
Lovely thick sweet custard centre wrapped in puff pastry

The carrot cake was amazing. You could tell as soon as you cut into it that it was very fresh with a light springy sponge, and just the right amount of mixed spice, a sweet cheese centre and topping with a sprinkle of walnuts.

Amazingly fresh and tasty carrot cake
Amazingly fresh and tasty carrot cake

Both the Pastéis de Nata’s and the carrot cake were delivered on the Thursday and we had polished them off by Sunday evening and they were both as fresh and tasty as when they had first arrived.

I wish I had some left...
I wish I had some left…

Galeta use only 100% natural ingredients. All their products are hand made in London and are free from artificial flavours/preservatives/genetically modified ingredients. Many of their wares have won gold Great Taste 2012 awards. Along with the Pastéis de Nata’s and the carrot cake Galeta also make cookies – which is what they started out with in 2011 – macarons, pies (the sweet kind, not savoury), tray bakes, brownies and a selection of cakes. Most are available to order and if you use their ‘click & collect’ service you can pick them up at one of the 20+ market stalls they have around London.

As I said at the beginning, these were rather special like Baked & Boxed Brownies were for me too, take a look at our review here. I really enjoyed these goodies from Galeta and next time I’m in London I shall definitely seek them out at one of their markets.


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