Villa Romana, Fareham, Hampshire

Villa Romana, 18th Century coach house.

I always seem to head east to West Sussex when cycling or walking or even shopping but on Friday we headed west because Geoff was playing golf in Wickham later that afternoon. We decided to pay Villa Romana in the High Street a visit, I’d been previously with my Italian friends Catia and Loretta but that was about 5 years ago or more.

From the outside it’s a lovely brick building, an 18th century coach house in fact, on the inside is a mixture of brickwork and plaster with beams on the ceiling, Italian artwork on the walls and music playing in the background. We had the Three Tenors whilst we we’re there or something similar. Easy listening anyway.

Lunch set menu

There weren’t many of us there that lunch time and the owner (I’m presuming) was conducting some sort of business meeting at the bar and then when that was over he rang his credit card company and I could have easily have stolen his details as I heard the card number, expiry date and even the security number. But I didn’t of course 😉 . And that was from the other side of the room. I do hate listening to business meetings and one-way phone calls whilst I’m eating. Apart from that he was friendly but at first a little rushed (as he needed to get back to his meeting I guess).

Cosy interior

We were given a complementary pot of black olives and two fresh slices of garlic bread.

Very fresh, complementary garlic bread

There’s a set menu available for lunch, two courses for £16.95 and three for £19.95. There’s plenty to choose from both the set menu and the À la carte. The pasta dishes are available as a starter or a larger serving for a main. Fish and meat dishes, lamb and steak etc., all sounded very nice but I was seeing Catia that evening for pizza and our box DVD session of ‘Cold Feet’ that evening 🙂

Pollo al funghi

The Pollo al Funghi, which I ordered had no fat or gristle, just tender chicken pieces in a smokey paprika sauce with sliced mushrooms served with fragrant rice and a side plate of vegetables.


Geoff’s was far nicer though! He always seems to order the best meal! I ended up with food envy again. Tagliatelli con Agnello e Pepperoncino – tagliatelle pasta tossed with shredded lamb, garlic, red peppers, red onion and a hint of chilli. The lamb was so tender and tasty with the chilli giving it that ever-so-slight kick. I would definitely recommend it.

Tagliatelle con Agnello e Pepperoncino

For dessert we were a little surprised at the portion sizes. They were rather on the small size. Whether this was because they were on the set menu I have no idea.

Raspberry panna cotta

Geoff had the Raspberry Panna Cotta which he did say was a very good one (it’s one of his favourite desserts so I suppose he’s almost an expert). This was served with fresh strawberries and a strawberry sauce.

White chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, milk chocolate tart

I had the White Chocolate Mousse (which in fact was nothing like a mousse whatsoever, more of a hard cream) Chocolate Brownie and Milk Chocolate Tart.  The brownie wasn’t gooey in the middle, a bit hard to cut into and the tart was just a quarter of a small tart. I won’t lie, I was very disappointed with my dessert.


We were each given a glass of ameretto after our desserts, again complimentary and we each ordered an espresso.

Complementary glass of amerretto and black olives. Espresso.

Although I wouldn’t rush back, I won’t say that I won’t return. Small touches, such as the complimentary food and drinks always win me over. Perhaps if we do return it will be in the evening. I would think that it looks lovely in there at night time with the candles on the tables lit.

Ambience 7
Quality 8
Service 7
Value 8
Return yes.

Living life, loving cake

A x
Square Meal

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