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  • Choc Shot – more than just a hot chocolate


    I must be getting stupid in my old age. When I was offered to try Choc Shot I imagined small shot packets – a little like an energy gel – which I cold squeeze into my mouth whilst cycling up a mountain for an extra boost of energy. (Chocolate would be so much better than a […]

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  • Chocolate Week Favourites No.2: Sea Salt Caramel Truffle

    Keeping up with the latest foodie trend, Charbonnel et Walker have recently launched their very own sea salt caramel truffle. A few months ago, I tried one of the first samples to be released. The filling was incredibly runny which meant it exploded in your mouth once you had bit in to the chocolate, certainly […]

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  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

    I recently read about Chin Chin Laboratorists in London’s Stylist magazine and jumped at the chance to go when my friend Chira suggested it. Chin Chin Labs is Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour. Made using liquid nitrogen, the ice cream tastes like any other and I can assure you it is perfectly safe […]

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  • Ben and Jerry’s Core Sundae

    To me the cinema is all about consuming as many sweet treats as possible without feeling an ounce of guilt, because it’s expected and therefore fully justified, right? I could be watching the worse film ever yet still emerge from the screen with a smile of my face. This is down to a number of […]