Chocolate Week Favourites No.2: Sea Salt Caramel Truffle

Keeping up with the latest foodie trend, Charbonnel et Walker have recently launched their very own sea salt caramel truffle. A few months ago, I tried one of the first samples to be released. The filling was incredibly runny which meant it exploded in your mouth once you had bit in to the chocolate, certainly one to be eaten in one go. After a couple of leaky incidences, Charbonnel decided to stop the production of these truffles at their small factor in Tunbridge Wells to rework the caramel formula to prevent any further spilling. I waited patiently for one of my favourite truffles to reappear. The one thing I love about Charbonnel et Walker is that they listen to their customer’s feedback and always look to improve their products if there is an opportunity to do so, as with the sea salt caramel truffle. Although they generally get it right first time.

Last month the sea salt caramel truffles finally hit the shelves, a lot different to their predecessors. The thick milk chocolate shell is just as hard and takes a hard bite to crack but this is all part of the fun. This time, the caramel doesn’t spill out like a salty maple tasting liquid, but oozes from the centre like a dense caramel sauce, such as that found in a Galaxy Caramel bar or similar. The flavour isn’t as salty as the previous version, which makes it less sickly, and it doesn’t taste too different to the caramel truffles Charbonnel sold not so long ago.Personally I preferred the unique combination of the hard chocolate with the runny salty caramel in the original batch. However, I understand that this formula not only caused problems with packaging and distribution but would have been too salty to consume more than one in a row, which isn’t ideal when selling them in boxes.  These truffles are definitely worth the £11.95 price tag for a box of 8. The truffles are large in size and perfectly capture the essence of this increasingly popular flavour. I really hope Charbonnel bring back their caramel truffles with an exploding running filling.

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H x

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