Chocolate Week Favourites No.1: Strawberry Truffle

In celebration of National Chocolate Week I’ve decided to share with you my favourite chocolates. Every day leading up to the end of the week I will be revealing one of my top five. As you may know, my favourite chocolatier is British brand Charbonnel et Walker so it is no surprise that all the chocolates are from their flagship store in New Bond Street. Charbonnel et Walker have a handful of stores dotted around the UK in which I practically spend my life savings. These chocolates aren’t cheap but they are oh so worth it.First up is the Strawberry Truffle.  This truffle brings me back to my childhood, with pink white chocolate being the ultimate comfort.  Even to this day I fill my pick-n-mix bag with pink chocolate mice and pigs, but of course their taste is nothing compared to this. The Strawberry Truffle is perfectly round and slightly larger and lighter in colour than Charbonnel’s Pink Marc De Champagne Truffle, in case you need to know the difference. The outer pink chocolate is incredibly thick, thick enough to bite off to sample separately, which means the truffle can be enjoyed in numerous bites. It would be a crime to shove it down in one.The quality of chocolate is second to none. It’s similar to a creamy white chocolate but doesn’t have that sickly taste after eating too much. The truffle filling is very soft, just how a truffle filling should be. The texture reminds me of how a mousse turns when rigorously mixed with a spoon (I really should eat my food properly!).  It has a subtle strawberry flavour, unlike the usual sharp taste you’d expect from a berry. You can almost taste the cream within. This is by far my favourite chocolate and I challenge any chocolatier who believes they have a product to take the top spot. Any takers?

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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  1. Aah, now I need to buy some, damn you!
    Good post and exactly as described, I could almost taste them.
    I however, like to put the whole truffle into my mouth and let it just melt. It has to be done – and enjoyed- when you know there will be absolutely no interruptions. Charbonnel et Walker are definitely MY favourite chocolatiers also.
    Off to Waitrose to buy some….

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