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One Saturday morning I was stopped in my tracks by the cakes in Karpo’s window. I walked back to admire the menu and immediately texted Sam to let him know we were going there for breakfast the following day. We arrived early Sunday morning and sat down underneath the impressive skylight at the back of the restaurant. Surrounding us were impressive walls covered with real luscious plants which are watered through the in-house water system hidden within the complex. Karpo is adjoined to the Megaro Hotel on Euston Road, which looks more like an upmarket hostel from the outside with its quirky multi-coloured exterior. It reminds me of Circus, an amazing hostel I stayed in when in Berlin.Once settled, I ordered breakfast granola and Sam ordered strawberries and cream pancakes, both opting for a latte. As usual, my first reaction was ‘Oh I wish I ordered what you did’ but once I had tasted the granola my disappointment vanished. The granola was served in a small bowl with a large spoonful of natural yogurt dollop on top. I took advantage of the maple syrup which was offered to me as an addition to sweeten my dish. Although small, the granola left me feeling satisfied and at £3.50, it was reasonable priced.

I tried some of Sam’s pancakes so I could let you know my thoughts (great excuse!) and they were out of this world! The thick American style pancakes were perfectly cooked, fluffy but incredibly filling. Fresh strawberries and ice cream topped the pancakes making this the ultimate morning sweet treat! They were so good, Sam stopped me in my tracks after I had stolen my third mouthful from him. Even he declared himself full upon finishing so this is no light bite. Our creamy lattes were served in miniature glasses and were equally delicious.Now a favourite, I decided to take my parents to Karpo for brunch when they came up last Sunday. We arrived around 11am and the place was packed full of a diverse crowd ranging from young couples to older families. To my frustration, the full English they ordered turned up cold along with a lukewarm latte. We were hugely disappointed. I ordered banana and chocolate chip pancakes after tasting Sam’s on our previous visit and again, these were a little cold. We didn’t mention it and we’re not ones to complain, although if the waiter had come back and asked if everything was ok, then perhaps I would have. The food was still flavoursome, just a little cold which was such a shame as I hadn’t stopped going on about how good Karpo was, so my parents were really looking forward to their visit. Although no excuse, I put our dissatisfaction down to the fact the restaurant was busy and it was late into the morning.My second experience may have changed my opinion of Karpo, I certainly don’t keep on about it to friends and colleagues anymore, but I would still recommend it. My first visit was fantastic and I love the unique décor and funky atmosphere. I have yet to try a cake from Karpo as there wasn’t much of a selection aside from the breakfast pastries but I am sure to return for one soon. Karpo is open all day with the restaurant serving lunch and dinner. Come evening, the basement turns into a lively cocktail bar making Karpo the perfect place to spend the entire evening. With the regeneration of Kings Cross, the number of brunch spots is on the rise. If Karpo want to compete with new ventures such as Caravan they will need to work on their consistency to ensure every breakfast they serve is as tasty as it can be.

Living life, loving cake,
H x

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