Ben and Jerry’s Core Sundae

To me the cinema is all about consuming as many sweet treats as possible without feeling an ounce of guilt, because it’s expected and therefore fully justified, right? I could be watching the worse film ever yet still emerge from the screen with a smile of my face. This is down to a number of reasons, one being the company of my friends including Ben and Jerry.


I have had my eye on a Ben and Jerry’s core sundae for years and each time I visit the ice cream counter I have managed to resist and stick to a scoop of one of my favourite flavours (Fairly Nuts and Cookie Dough). This time was it was different. The last ever cinema trip with my uni housemates meant a core sundae was a must.

I opted for a two-scoop sundae (Fairly Nuts and Cookie Dough) filled with a liquid caramel core. I had the impression the core was meant to be warm but it wasn’t which was a shame, although warm sauce may have meant the ice cream wouldn’t have lasted the duration of the trailers let alone the film. The ice cream was delicious as per usual, loaded with chunks of cookie dough and caramel roasted pecans. I always find that Ben and Jerry’s from the cinema counter contain more chunks than the tubs you buy in the supermarket which is why I love it so much. I chose a topping of white chocolate polar bears in which a generous helping was sprinkled on the ice cream. This made the sundae extra chunky and meant that even when the ice cream melted you are still able to pick out and eat the chocolate chunks. The ingredients didn’t end there; this monstrosity of a sundae was topped off with whipped cream YUM! This was slightly disappointing as it didn’t have much taste to it and didn’t really add anything to the ice cream except a light fluffy texture.

It could be said that Ben and Jerry’s core sundae is a little piece of heaven if you are an ice cream lover like me, although I have to admit that I did struggle towards the end as it proved a little too sickly, as you can imagine due to its size. If you’re a fan of Ben and Jerry’s then I recommend indulging in a core sundae, even if it’s just the once.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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