Choc Shot – more than just a hot chocolate

Choc Shot, Sweet Freedom, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate
Sweet Freedom’s Choc Shot

I must be getting stupid in my old age. When I was offered to try Choc Shot I imagined small shot packets – a little like an energy gel – which I cold squeeze into my mouth whilst cycling up a mountain for an extra boost of energy. (Chocolate would be so much better than a yucky orange gel). Or even in my handbag whilst out shopping but then I thought that was a little silly because I may as well buy a bar of chocolate. Unless the weather was hot then it would melt I suppose, but still…

Choc Shots, Sweet Freedom, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate
Melts quickly and easily on hot porridge

Anyway as I said, I was offered a free bottle of Choc Shot to try and give some feedback. When I saw that it said ‘Sweet Freedom‘ on the front of the bottle and thought it would taste a little like sweetener which I don’t really like. How wrong I was…

Choc Shots, Sweet Freedom, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate
Mixed in to the hot porridge

Years ago when I was a lass, Cadbury’s used to make a wonderful Chocolate Spread, in fact they still do but I think it has changed both in flavour and consistency over the years. I had a friend who adored the stuff too and remember giving it to her as a Christmas present. Well, I must say that this is very much like that original chocolate spread but obviously a lot better for you and can also be spread onto bread or toast.

Choc Shots, Sweet Freedom, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate
Delicious hot chocolate.

It’s excellent mixed into a mug of hot milk because it melts quickly and easily and hasn’t the powdery bits in it, nor does it leave most of the chocolate at the bottom of the mug either. And, I forgot to tell you the most important part here, it has only 14 calories per teaspoon! I like to have a mug of hot chocolate after a fairly hard cycle ride and this quickly hits the spot.

Choc Shots, Sweet Freedom, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate
Very tasty drizzled over fresh fruit with creme fraise.

I also tried it drizzled over a plate of mixed fruit but couldn’t take a photo as I was trying to be clever and write with the chocolate the name ‘Choc Shot’ on the plate. It didn’t quite work but I did end up with loads of lovely chocolate sauce all over my fruit as I kept trying. I had another bowl of fruit – shown above – with a couple of dollops of crème fraîse and it went so well with it.

Choc Shots, Sweet Freedom, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate
Home-made Porridge Bars

There are many recipes on the Sweet Freedom’s website including, smoothies, oatcakes and even a tonic. I thought I’d try the porridge bars (flapjacks) replacing the nuts with plump juicy raisins and a couple of tablespoons of mixed seeds instead. These would be great for my cycle rides. The recipe uses quite a bit of the bottle but is very easy to make and quick too. And of course, lots of different combinations on what to put into them. So I set off to Sainsbury’s – it’s also available at other large supermarkets, Waitrose, Tesco etc., £3.59 for a 320g bottle – for some more because most of the original bottle had been eaten. I found it amongst the Hot Chocolate in the hot drinks section.

“As well as being completely natural, it has a low GL making it a good choice for dieters and diabetics, is dairy, gluten and GM free as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.”

I must admit that sometimes I do go to the cupboard and squeeze a little onto my fingertip and eat it just like that.

Living life, loving cake

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