Gelupo to end our Pizza Pilgrimage

Portobello mushroom and truffle pizza from Pizza Pilgrims
Portobello mushroom and truffle pizza from Pizza Pilgrims

My last weekly meet-up with the girls included a long awaited trip to one of Soho’s latest openings, Pizza Pilgrims. Excellent reviews meant expectations were high, plus the fact that the restaurant belongs to one of London’s most popular, long-established street food traders. Pizza Pilgrims certainly didn’t disappoint with the girls agreeing this was in fact the best pizza in London, even topping the likes of Franco Manco and Pizza East. Feeling pretty full, we decided to take a walk through Soho in the search of something sweet. We made our way to Gelupo, a small gelati parlour hidden down one of Soho’s many back-streets. Upon reflection we could have just stayed at Pizza Pilgrims as they serve Gelupo ice cream as part of their dessert menu but it was nice to walk off all that dough and purchasing a scoop to take away meant we saved a few pennies towards our upcoming trip to Rio.

An excellent choice of flavours from the counter
An excellent choice of flavours from the counter

This was my second visit to Gelupo which is possibly the most popular gelati parlour among London foodies, especially those I follow on Twitter. I have to admit, at first I didn’t see what the fuss was about as although flavoursome, I much preferred the creamier style served at La Gelatiera or Oddonos. Gelupo serve a good range of unusual flavours such as Ricotta, Chocolate & Black Pepper and a large selection of fruit sorbets. Their ice cream is smooth and thick and I have yet to come across any chunky bits.

A small tub of Hazelnut and Bonet
A small tub of Hazelnut and Bonet

On this occasion I decided to have a small £3 tub with which I could choose two flavours, something not usually offered in other places when ordering a small tub, which I thought was excellent as this allowed me to try an additional flavour. I went for Hazelnut – a safe bet – and Bonet, which is one of Gelupo’s signature flavours consisting of Chocolate, Espresso, Rum, Caramel, Vanilla, Egg Yolks & Amaretti Biscuits – WOW! Both choices were incredible and I could really taste every single flavour. The consistency was dense which meant that a small tub was quite enough if visiting after a meal but I could easily eat a large tub without feeling sick.

Hidden amongst the bustling backstreets of Soho
Hidden amongst the bustling backstreets of Soho

Gelupo also sell a number of Italian deli products such as panettone and also iced desserts and frozen cakes which I must try one day! There’s the option to sit at a number of stools but it is always so busy (a good sign!) I’ve never been lucky enough to sit in. The girls also loved Gelupo and we will certainly be visiting again soon. It just goes to show how opinions can change after a second visit and that first impressions of a menu doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to the quality of food. Now it’s time to decide where to head on our next catch-up…..

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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  1. Louise Ellis-Barrett says: Reply

    Sounds fantastic, must go and try out their sorbets! I usually go to Oddono’s where they are very happy to combine flavours no matter what the size of cone/tub you choose and they are amazing – have you tried? Also only £2.30 for the small scoop… Enjoying your Blog, thanks

    1. Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your comment! You must try, I’ve been meaning to go back to Gelupo and try their coconut flavour as this was the one everyone appeared to be ordering when I was last there.
      I LOVE Oddono’s! I wasn’t aware you could combine flavours though – fantastic news!

      This sunshine is the perfect excuse for another – enjoy! x

      1. Louise Ellis-Barrett says: Reply

        Gelupo is certainly on my must try very soon list!

        Yup Oddono’s is fantastic for letting you combine flavours and some of the combinations are amazing even though I can only have the sorbet.

        I have a restaurant recommendation for you – Olliveli. We went to their Waterloo branch on The Cut on Monday evening and are going to Store Street (Bloomsbury in about 10 days time) it was fantastic and the service was excellent. They cooked fresh risotto for me as I have to have dairy free and even organised a water ice cream – such fantastic service and the food was wonderful too!

        Louise x

  2. Gelupo is definitely my favourite (and I have eaten a lot!). Their bitter chocolate is out of this world and their Christmas flavours are always delicious.

    It was the highlight of my day a few weeks ago when one of the staff recognised me!

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