The beginning of an adventure

Enjoyed my favourite cocktail at the airport

And so it begins! 

You may have heard about my planned adventure from our recent rumblings on Facebook and Twitter. Sam and I are heading off to South East Asia for five months or so before moving to Sydney in July where Sam has a job lined up. My life possessions are currently contained in just one backpack weighing a mere 10.8kg which I will carry on my back, that’s if poor Sam doesn’t end up as my mule.

There’s nothing like a cold Chang beer

It’s been a stressful few days, leaving London just four days ago where I spent the first few weeks of the year crashing on sofas/floors/beds of many kind friends. I have had a blast but it hasn’t been easy which has resulted in a fair share of red wine being consumed. A couple of days at home scurrying around trying to get those last minute items like backpacks, insurance, malaria tablets etc. Ok maybe they are just “last minute” on my list! I’ve also enjoyed some quality time with my mum involving lots of coffee and cake and blogging of course. We even managed to set up a new Facebook page and get some fabulous new business cards designed by my friend Dani Nimmock.

Our lovely new logo

Mum and I squeezed in one last cake stop at Southsea Coffee Company before heading off to the airport. A huge portion of banana bread topped with mascarpone, berries, banana and honey certainly made those last few hours together easier. Goodbyes were sad and we both even shed a tear which is unheard for mum and I. So here I am, 11269 meters above sea level and travelling at a ground speed of 561mph or so my TV tells me. By the looks of it we’ve just passed Krakow, wherever that is!

Menu on Thai Airways

We started the journey with a refreshing Chang Thai beer while we looked over the food and drink menu presenting two options, one Thai and one English. I went for the beef stroganoff with pasta and veg. Not very cultured but I’ll be eating Asian food for the next five months so on this occasion I thought it was more than acceptable. The starter consisted of a lovely turkey and cranberry pie which tasted just like Christmas while dessert was a comforting apple and plum sponge with custard, washed down with a chilled but very nice glass of red – bliss! To keep me going throughout the 12 hour flight I have a huge bag of pick and mix I got at the sweet shop when out feeding the ducks on Saturday with my grandad, just like old times.

Dinner on Thai Airways

I’m rather fond of plane food and gobbled the lot apart from the cheese and crackers which I put aside for when I fancied a munch during the night and boy am I glad I did. The night was spent in and out of sleep, three hours in total and stopping and starting the film ‘Prisoners’ which left me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I woke an hour before breakfast as I was desperate to find out what happened in the rest of the film. Breakfast was slightly disappointing compared to dinner with myself choosing a chicken and asparagus omelette which had no trace of chicken or asparagus. Sam went for the English option containing bacon and beans which looked far more tasty. There was of course fresh fruit, a nice strawberry yogurt and croissants for those with a sweet tooth like me.

Breakfast on Thai Airways

Overall I have had a pleasant flight with Thai and I’m glad we paid the extra to fly with them. The service, food and entertainment was second to none and just as good as BA or Quantas, if not better! So it’s nearly time to land, I have two jumpers, two tshirts and leggings on which should be bit of a shock to the system when we walk out into 30 degree heat – or so I hope! Keep following me and my little adventure, missing you already!

Living life, loving travel,

H x

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  1. Dani says: Reply

    Oh wow! Have an amazing time guys, I’m so excited for you! I will send you the other graphics as soon as I can we’re sending the PRL Accepted mag to print today so I’ve not had a chance this week yet. xxx

  2. All the best Helen! Keep posting your stories 🙂

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