19 Fourteas Tearoom – no rations here

1940A little bell rings above the door as you enter the 19 Fourteas Tearoom in Havant. It has a cosy feeling as if being at home or in someone’s front room, but of course in another era. The staff are dressed in 1940‘s style with one wearing a headscarf with a roller peeking out from underneath. They are really friendly and welcoming.
My sister and I were treating our father to lunch and we all chose to have ‘High Tea‘ which was served on a three tier stand. The bottom plate consisted of a round of sandwiches each on very fresh white bread – or brown if you wish. We shared the sandwiches between us, prawn & mayo, egg & mayo and of course, a little like a ‘war time’ filling, spam!
The middle plate had small savoury bites. Pieces of pork pie, tiny tomato quiche-like tarts and Scotch eggs. The top tier looked more like my kind of thing though. A scone each topped with fresh fruit. These were served with jam and plenty of clotted cream – are you a cream on top first or jam first person? Also some mini cakes, three types of éclair, which were very fresh with a custard, strawberry and cream filling and mini sponge cakes, chocolate and plain with a swirl of butter icing on top.
We had a large teapot with an old-fashioned knitted cosy, I remember those from my childhood, the tea was Portsmouth loose leaf tea from All About Tea and very tasty it was too. We also had a top-up.
After all that, which was very filling, my sister asked me if I was going to take my cake home. Cake? I’d already eaten cake. No, apparently included in the price of £12 for two (£6.95 for one) was also a piece of cake!
I chose a piece of Victoria sponge and we all had our cakes nicely wrapped up to take away with us. I enjoyed my cake in the evening for supper, I didn’t need much else I can tell you after that big lunch.
As I said, inside it was very cosy. A fireplace with a real working log fire, memorabilia on top of the mantelpiece and along the front window – and, in fact most places you looked.  In the background you can hear music such as “Wish me luck as you wave me good-bye”, “It’s a long way to Tipperary” etc.,
I’ve always held a fascination for the 2nd World War as my mother was evacuated and my aunt’s have a few stories to tell too about grisly finds whilst rummaging around on the bomb sites.
The place was full but luckily we had booked in advance, which I suggest you do as it’s getting quite popular although it has only been open for 12 weeks.
We really enjoyed our experience and I thoroughly recommend it. Next time we visit we shall ask our elderly aunts along as I know they will love it too.

Living life, loving cake


A x


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  1. Annie says: Reply

    I absolutely agree, this is best thing that’s happened in Havant!!.. I found this place on a recommendation a couple of weeks ago and am hooked! Have taken friends and work colleagues, parents to go soon. I have had a variety of food there, and all very tasty. Great atmosphere and great people. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!

  2. a says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about a. Regards

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