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  • Baked & Boxed Brownies

    After coming home from an all-day cycle ride – where I’d had a very disappointing chocolate brownie at one of my favourite tearooms – imagine my delight to find a parcel containing ‘Baked & Boxed’ brownies had been delivered whilst I was out. Annie, the founder of Baked & Boxed had very kindly sent me some […]

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  • Valor Chocolate from Spain

    The good thing about having colleagues who make recent trips abroad is that I can easily get my hands on an array of foreign products to try. Last week, Laura brought back a large slab of Valor chocolate from Spain. Although I’ve visited Spain a fair few times, I have yet to sample Valor chocolate […]

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  • Hershey’s from across the globe

    One of the bonuses of working in an office is the number of treats floating around. Whether it’s in celebration of someone’s birthday or a return from holiday, there is always something to provide me with my daily sugar kick. Last week saw the return of Laura from the US and this week, Ausrine, who […]

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  • Amelie and Friends

    Last Sunday I returned to Amelie and Friends with my parents, after kindly being invited back after a not-so-tasty experience with their coffee. It appears that the supplier of coffee was not the only change they had made. There was no longer a large selection of cakes at the front of the shop and these […]