This week’s sweet treats: 06/02/2015

 IMG_4177What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of sweet treats we’ve eaten this week, at home and abroad. Here’s 5 of our favourites! This week’s sweet treats (clockwise from top left):
1. Okay, this isn’t technically a sweet but, it does have the word ‘sweet’ in it, so I think that counts. ‘The house-made sweetcorn, zucchini, ricotta and spring onion fritters are served on a bed of rocket, shredded apple and crispy almond salad, drizzled with spiced mayonnaise’. Read more on Helen’s visit to Birdie Num Nums in Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia.
2. My friend Catia and I visited Las Iguanas last week. This is one restaurant which we keep going back to over and over again several times throughout the year. Unfortunately they’ve taken off one of my favourites, Affogato Cubano which is ice cream with an espresso poured over it served with a churro which I love, so I had to have my second favourite, Berry Mexican Mess, strawberries in hibiscus syrup, crushed meringue, mascarpone and yoghurt.
3. Helen enjoyed this passionfruit & white chocolate muffin for breakfast from In a Rush Espresso on Bourke Street, Melbourne. There seems to be so many coffee houses there I won’t know which to try first when I arrive. Hopefully Helen will have done her home-work and made a list of the best.
4. There’s been a lot of ‘hoo-ha’ at the moment about Cadbury’s Creme eggs. The shell of the eggs are no longer made with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, but with ‘standard cocoa mix chocolate’. Also, the boxes which used to contain 6 eggs now contain only 5.  I’d already eaten one Creme Egg before I knew about the change and hadn’t noticed the difference, so I decided to try another just for research purposes. I still couldn’t really taste an awful lot of difference to tell you the truth. The chocolate wasn’t as smooth as usual, a little grainy perhaps and the fondant centre I found a little ‘floral’ tasting. It’s so disappointing when things change.  Here’s a little more info’ about it. If you feel strongly about this then there is a petition , a Facebook group and of course, you can always boycott buying any ever again.
5. On Saturday Geoff and I enjoyed a very nice evening meal at The Earl of March in Lavant, West Sussex. For dessert Geoff enjoyed his mulled berry crumble with ice-cream, whereas I had the triple chocolate brownie served with toffee & honeycomb ice-cream. The centre was soft and gooey, just how I like it. Yum.
Living life, loving cake.
A x

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