Birdie Num Nums: Carlton North, Melbourne

Every day should start with a Flat White in Melbourne

I’m a big believer that it’s worth taking the trouble to travel across town to get my hand on some good food and coffee, but isn’t it nice when you can roll out of bed and take a short stroll somewhere decent? That’s one of the great things about Melbourne, good great food and coffee can be found everywhere, even more so than London

Bikes on walls. Standard in Melbourne

My neck of the woods, Carlton North is a particularly good spot for foodies like me. Having tried Café Bü last weekend it was time to venture up Nicholson Street to Birdie Num Nums which was recommended to me by a friend. Birdie Num Nums is a bright and airy café with a sandpit in the courtyard out back, perfect for kids. I eyed up the long window table perfect for bloggers, but on this occasion I had company so chose a table for two under an old fashioned bike, a nice touch I thought.

The menu – click to see full sized

Brent and I ordered a double shot flat white which hit the spot just perfectly. I knew it would with Axil Coffee being the roasters of choice, a firm favourite of mine. Taking a look at the menu there is a good selection to choose from but I had already decided what I was having after hearing my friend Aimee rave about the corn fritters. 

House made sweet corn, zucchini, ricotta and spring onion fritters

The house-made sweet corn, zucchini, ricotta and spring onion fritters are served on a bed of rocket, shredded apple and crispy almond salad, drizzled with spiced mayonnaise. It was the sound of the salad that caught my eye as I love the crunchy combination of nuts and fruit. It certainly didn’t disappoint, with the mayonnaise providing a hefty kick to start the day. The fritters were good also, much nicer than those from Annoying Brother just down the road. They were lightly fried which give a bold flavour but meant these bad boys won’t be winning prizes for the world’s healthiest breakfast.  

Salmon Delight

Brent went for the Salmon Delight, probably to give me food envy as this was the other option I had my eye on. What a delight it was! House-made fennel, sweet corn and potato cakes wrapped in smoked salmon sat on a bed of rocket and avocado salad. Egg’s are key in every Aussie breakfast and two poached sat on top with a dollop of tasty hollandaise sauce. Olive bread was served on the side making this dish incredibly good value for money at just $17. 

Birdie Num Nums – a good spot for brunch

The portion size of each dish defeated us both, although we would describe ourselves as “frequent grazers” so I expect most others would still be able to make room for one of the lovely looking cakes displayed in the counter. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere relaxed, I could happily spend the day working here and catching up on the latest issues of Melbourne magazines like Gram. I’ll be back to Birdie Num Nums for sure.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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