This week’s sweet treats : 21/08/2015

sweet treats
What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week in England and Australia. Here’s five of our favourites.
1. This was SO good, I kid you not! We visited Crouchers Hotel & Restaurant in Chichester, West Sussex last Friday for a set lunch. This was my awesome dessert, white chocolate & caramel fondant served with chocolate ganache, raspberry pieces & raspberry sorbet. Click here to read the full review.
2. These I found in Waitrose, they are new and from De Beukelaer, biscuit sticks with chocolate, very much like Mikado’s, which I have to say I prefer. They rattled around in the box so I think they could have either added a few more or made the box smaller.
3. I visited Artie’s Kitchen again yesterday, this time with my sister who had a Groupon voucher for brunch. This was Artisan Café which opened just over a year ago but has recently changed hands and name. I think it’s time for their own review so that may come next week. In the mean time you can read the review on Artisan Café just to see what it looks like.
4. Blackberries are ready for picking so why on earth would you buy them in a supermarket when you can get them for free? You don’t even have to go out of town, we picked ours about half a mile from our house. I made this quick and easy blackberry jam recipe by Angela Nilsen on the BBC Good Food website. Just a tip, add the sugar after you’ve simmered them, not before – read the comments underneath the recipe instructions. And of course, we had lots left so I cooked them along with some Bramley apples and ate them with Jude’s vanilla ice cream.
5. Banana bread! I expect you’re getting fed up with me banging on about banana bread every week. Well this is the last time, honest 😉 I just had to show you my attempt at it which is not quite as nice looking as Helen’s but it still tastes great. Looks like it had little babies too. Take a look at our website for more of Helen’s favourite recipes from the cattle station in WA.
Living life, loving cake
A x

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