South Coast Bagel Company, Southsea

Pumpkin spiced bagel
Pumpkin spiced bagel – a autumn special

Do you know the bagel man?

We do! It’s been wonderful watching the South Coast Bagel Company grow over the past year or so. Going from strength to strength, he’s captured the hearts of Southsea.

Bagel deliveries southsea
Weekly bagel deliveries

We still remember our first bagel delivery. We opened our door to a guy with a huge smile who handed us a bag of bagels. I must admit, we don’t really eat bagels, it’s just never been at the front of our mind, but now our lazy weekends are not complete without a South Coast Bagel Company delivery.

Filled bagels
Hot smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill

Ordering your bagels

The concept is simple. It’s a ‘pop up’, so when available, the menu is released every Wednesday and you can send your order in an Instagram message for delivery on Friday and Saturday. Choose from bags of 3, 6, or 12 bagels. Delivery is just £1 to PO1, PO4, PO5, PO6 – the best postcodes 😉

Bagels at Southsea’s market

Bagel flavours

The menu changes most weeks with a new special flavour alongside the best sellers. Here’s an idea of what kind of flavours you have to choose from, Vegan versions are also available.

– Everything – our favourite!
– Double cheese
– Rosemary and sea salt – a newbie
– Marmite double cheese
– Chocolate chip
– Cheese and jalapenos
– Spiced Pumpkin
– Five seeds

The list goes on and exciting new flavours are tried and tested each week.

bagel merch
Bagel merch

Homemade bagels

Each bagel is hand-rolled by the bagel man and baked fresh that morning. Bagels usually need to be toasted but these arrive so fresh there’s really no need. Just load them up and off you go. We recommend eating them that morning but they will keep for a day or two, especially if toasted.

Bagel man southsea
Do you know the bagel man?

Southsea collabs

One thing the bagel man has excelled in is spreading the word. Not soon long after opening, the whole of Pompey knew who he was. Well, not exactly as he kept his identity pretty secret at first, but they had all heard of his bagels. One reason for this is his fantastic branding designed by E Jane Art.

Grate Bagel
Collab with Grate Catering

The other is collaborations. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone else who does so many collabs with other businesses. It’s a fantastic way to spread the love and bring our community together. There’s been Hideout Coffee donut bagels, Croxton and Three Cuts bagel burgers, Natty’s Jerk chicken bagels, Grate Catering bagels, and Shenanigans breakfast bagels.

Christmas bagel
Special Christmas bagel

Bagels around town

Speciality bagels continue to pop up in various venues across Southsea. Others have a more permanent home with the Southsea Deli, the Pastry Corner, The Briny and Southsea Coffee now using South Coast Bagel Company bagels in their menu.

Bagel Man Bubblehead
Bubblehead and Bagel Man – legends

There’s even been a bagel making workshop at South Coast Cookery School, aka the Southsea Deli, where people can make their own. All good breakfasts need good coffee so it’s just as well the bagel man is good friends with Bubblehead Barrista. These two can be found at markets and events across Southsea and these pair make an absolute dream team. One of our favourite market bagels was the Christmas special at December’s Love Southsea market which we enjoyed with a Bubblehead poured flat white.

Bagel man
I love my bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Bagel fillings

Now let’s talk fillings. As you may have probably gathered by the collabs, these bad boys can be filled with absolutely anything. Our personal favourite is smoked salmon and cream cheese. goes one step further by home curing her salmon from Vivers and adds dill to the cream cheese. I’m yet to go to this impressive amount of effort but watch this space! Jason Buckner continues to wow us with his jammed packed fillings, head over to his Instagram for beautiful bagel photos. Sometimes we just like our bagels plain. That’s right! They are so fresh and flavoursome, a layer of salted butter is all you need.

Bagel Love Southsea
Autumn bagels

If you haven’t already ordered bagels from South Coast Bagel Company then you really should. For just £6 you can transform your weekend brunch at home into something special. You can also find the bagel man at local markets including Love Southsea.

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