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Grate Bagel
Grate & South Coast Bagel Co. collab – wow.

Introducing Grate Catering

We first came across Grate Catering & Events at Outside In Food Court, where many outstanding local street food vendors make their debut. Take Natty’s, One Tonne, Arepa2Go, Hungry Herbivores….the list goes on! Behind Grate Catering are partners Norman and Iris who make the most fantastic team! We’ve got to know them over the coming months and I’m blown away by their genuine passion for good food and hospitality.

Grate catering & events
The master at work

I have to say, at first Grate didn’t tickle my fancy because, as I’ve said before, I rarely eat meat. Carlos on the other hand, couldn’t wait to dig in. I can’t remember what the first dish was we tried but it must have been good as we’ve returned time and time again!

Grate catering & events
The first dish we tried at Outside In


After a while of successful trading, Grate left Outside In and moved to The Greenwich Pub on Osbourne Road. Fantastic we thought, we love craft beer so it was great to combine the two. We first went on a Sunday and had one of their giant Yorkshire puddings filled with a roast and all the trimmings.

Roast dinner grate
Roastie in a giant Yorkie!

To this day, I don’t think we’ve ever been out for a Sunday roast, we’re just not roasty people (I only tend to like my mother’s!). On this occasion a giant Yorkie was too intriguing to resist. I had chicken (Carlos beef) and OH MY it was fantastic, maybe even better than Mum’s (sorry mum). We demolished the lot before waddling home.

Grate catering & events
The perfect meat lovers sarnie

Local quality produce

Norman and Iris take a huge amount of time and effort in sourcing and preparing their dishes. They only buy high-welfare local meats and they enjoy visiting local farms to see where the meat comes from and ensure the animals are treated well. Their quality seasonal food is all cooked on a bespoke fire pit and asado cross, which sends whiffs of deliciousness down the road.  The vegetarian options are pretty special too, I have tried them all and I’m never disappointed. And, look out for collabs with the Bagel Man, damn those filled bagels are good!

Grate meat Southsea
Sloooooow roasting

Grate Catering and Events

We’re not just taking this information from their website (although it is on there too!) we’ve seen it for ourselves. Grate hosts supper clubs and private dinner parties at their Southsea home and we were delighted to be invited to one. We knew they’d put on a good spread and they’d know how to host, they both have years of experience in hospitality after all.

Grate Catering supper club
The spread of all spreads

However, we did not expect to be greeted with so many different cuts of tender meats super slow-roasted on this huge Argentinian asado grill. Not only that Iris had laid on all sorts of beautiful salads and vegetarian options. The baba ganoush, spinach and feta filo pie and proper blow-your-head-off aioli were our favourites. All fresh, seasonal and made from scratch, even the flatbreads which were made in front of our eyes). Oh and the ribs, how could we forget those bad boys hiding in the giant smoker. They were huge!

beef ribs grate
The ribs are revealed!

It’s safe to say, I ate so much meat that evening and I bloody loved it! Grate Catering do catering (funny that) so you can have them in your home if you wish, or at your wedding, Christmas party, festival etc.

Wylds Farm

They are soon to be found at Wylds Farm in Liss which transforms into a winter wonderland this weekend with their very own festival ‘Wyldsfest’. Here you’ll find local ales, live music and of course, flaming street food from Grate.

Grate Catering & Events
Roasting outside the Greenwich on Victorious weekend

As you can probably tell, we love Grate. We love their food, their teamwork, their ethos and their genuine love for food and people. If you haven’t already tried their grub, you must!

Warning: will turn any vegan.

Living life, loving Grate Catering & Events.

H x

Thanks to the talented @southseasnapper for the photos.

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