Sayers Sister: Perth, Australia

Lovely bit of coffee art on my flat white

It’s been a while since I’ve spent a lazy morning enjoying breakfast whilst writing about it at the same time and boy have I missed it. I’m currently sat in Sayers Sister on one of their high stools which although perfect for singles like me, is a little high for using an iPad. This is probably because Sayers Sister isn’t the place for unsociable techno’s like me, but a place filled with friends and couples catching up over good food and coffee. This is probably why they don’t have wifi, although my ipad clearly shows a connection but they won’t give me the password (meany genies!). Sadly, my friends have a thing called “work” so can’t accompany me on my many Aussie brunches, so I’m here with just my ipad and a morning paper for company.

A lovely ambiance at Sayers Sister

Since arriving in Australia I’ve come to find that Urban Spoon is the main directory used by foodies, even more so as it is in London. I’ve done a fair bit of research on places to eat in Perth with a wishlist as long as my arm, but as reliable as review scores may be, it’s those places recommend by friends that I’m interested in the most. Sayers Sister is one of the places recommended to me by the friends I’m currently staying with, Sarah and Matt.

Sayer’s Sister quirky cute decor

Sayers Sister is the little sister of popular eatery Sayers in Leederville. It is located on Lake Street in Northbridge which I thought was a short walk from the city centre. Little did I know, Lake Street is a very long street and I ended up walking for a good half hour. Not ideal before my morning coffee and recently out of hospital! No wonder I struggle to put on weight these days. I seem to complete a pilgrimage every time I want to eat, thanks to my poor judge of distance.

A lovely selection of cakes at Sayers Sister

Sayers Sister is a cute little place with exposed brick walls and a mishmash of furniture. I particularly love the hanging baskets filled with freshly baked bread and the jars of sweets on the table which were being sold for a local charity. I ordered my usual flat white whilst I looked at the menu, even though I already knew what I wanted after studying it online. I had my heart set on the chocolate and banana bread which is my all time favourite Aussie treat. To my horror the menu had changed and no longer featured banana bread. Another reminder that I shouldn’t walk for miles for a specific dish after seeing it on a menu online!

Sayer’s Sister breakfast menu

The chocolate and banana bread has been replaced by pumpkin and cinnamon bread and whilst this sounds divine, I was a little sceptical of how these two flavours would taste together. I decided to forget all my worries and go for it. This new bread must be something special having replaced an Aussie favourite. And so it was. Fantastically fresh, bouncy and soft, fulfilling all my dreams. Well mostly. Served on a slate were two huge pieces of pumpkin and cinnamon bread along with a shot of maple butter. “Golly gosh” I thought, how would I manage this? I say bread, but it was more like a cake, not quite the light breakfast I had imagined but it was so delicious I polished off the lot!

Delicious toasted pumpkin and cinnamon bread with maple butter

Neither the pumpkin nor cinnamon really came out in the flavour and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact taste, but it tasted good and that’s all that mattered. The lack of dominance in flavour meant it wasn’t at all sickly, even after I had spread the whole serving of maple butter on top (waste not want not!). The bread or cake that I’m going to refer it as, was lightly toasted giving it a slight crispy outside whilst still being incredibly moist in the middle. The maple butter was just as nice, proving a sugary kick without being sickly.

A novel way to serve the sugar

My flat white was also nice, if a little on the luke-warm side, with a nice bit of coffee art on top. After searching high and low for sugar I realised it was directly in front of me served in a giant vase in the middle of the table – what a novel idea! Hours went by and come midday a selection of tarts appeared from the oven. Oh they looked divine and I just wanted to gobble the lot, but I had to settle for taking photos as neither my stomach or wallet could take anymore. Even more reason to return for lunch, not to mention the good selection of cakes and muffins on display.

These lunch time tarts look absolutely divine!

The friendly ambience of Sayers Sister has really won me over; good music, great food and nice staff. After chatting with one of the staff I learned that they’ve recently got their liquor licence, meaning they can now serve all the lovely wine displayed on the wall – woohoo! I liked the little touches in the toilets like the face wipes and nail files, a backpacker’s heaven! I would certainly return to Sayers Sister, but next time I’d take the bus!

Living life, loving travel,

H x

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