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Nourish curry


Do you cook? Can you cook? I’m a bit of a weird one when it comes to cooking. I love food but if I’m honest, I’d rather eat out or get something in – I just don’t have time to cook. Or more so, I just don’t make time to cook. Eating out every night would be, well wonderful really, but also rather expensive and unhealthy! Sometimes we need nothing more than a delicious home-cooked meal and that’s when Nourish caught my eye.

Nourish takeaway
Our takeaway

Nourish brings hearty home cooking to your dinner table so you don’t have to spend your free time in the kitchen or buy heaps of ingredients you may never use again (spice rack I’m looking at you). Nourish comes in particularly handy if you are entertaining. Cleaning the house/garden AND cooking, that’s just not going to happen in our house, so this is a perfect example of where we would call on Nourish!

The Nourish Menu

There’s a different menu each week with a choice of two mains, a side or two, and a dessert. This three-course feast serves two people, although we had some leftover as we wanted to leave room for dessert! Each week the menu takes on a different cuisine; Indian, Asian, British etc. so, there’s always something new to try, and every dish is made lovingly in Emma’s kitchen.

Onion bhajis
Homemade onion bhajis

Southsea takeaway

We picked up dinner from Southsea as we were on our way home from a weekend away – I was certainly not cooking after that long drive! We received the below menu with guidance on how to reheat at home. Now, reheating is something I am good at, and I didn’t cock it up. We really enjoyed our curry and as expected the food was fresh and tasted far healthier than takeaway from the local curry house. After cycling across India, I’ve become a bit of a curry connoisseur and I need to remind myself that you just don’t get proper Indian curries in the UK so I cannot compare the two.

Chicken saagwala
Chicken saagwala

Homemade curry

Even Indian restaurants and takeaways in the UK are slightly different and although I absolutely love a good British curry (my favourite being from the Spice Merchants) I don’t think I’ve ever finished one without feeling like I’ve overdone it. This curry from Nourish was different though, you could tell it was all homemade, the bhajis were baked not fried and there was a welcomed lack of oil.

Most of all, there was an abundance of veggies – kudos right there – and I even ate the chicken even though “I don’t eat meat” (a saying which I’m saying less and less since moving in with the Southsea Snapper!).


One of the best bits for us was the Peshwari Nann, half because it is one of my favourite foods but also because it was beautifully cooked and contained a generous helping of sultanas. It didn’t fall apart like the ones at the local Indian takeaway does, so it served its purpose of mopping up just marvellously.

The dessert

There will be no surprises as to which other part of the meal was our favourite – the dessert! We received two pots of chocolate orange mousse which was just incredible. The mousse was deliciously smooth but contained teeny tiny pieces of orange and dark chocolate to give a real burst of flavour. Even after a curry, rice, bhajis and naan bread, I didn’t find this dessert too rich, and I polished off the lot.

chocolate mousse
Dark chocolate and orange mousse

A home-cooked, three-course meal for two would set you back around £30-35, not bad considering we split it out and saved some for lunch the next day. We enjoyed our meal as it was a healthier alternative to a takeaway, and it felt like I was getting my five a day. Plus, it’s always nice to support smaller local businesses. Get notified of the menu each week by following Nourish on Instagram or Facebook and direct message to collect your homemade feast from Southsea.

Service 10
Quality 9
Value 9
Overall 9/10
Return? Yes!

Living life, loving home-cooked takeaways,

H x






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