Mother’s Day – gift ideas

Charbonnel et Walker, sea salt banana & caramel, truffles
Delicious truffles as always from Charbonnel et Walker

Mother’s Day. The only day of the year that I wish I’d had more children – apart from my birthday I suppose. Plus one of the very many days where I wish I still had my lovely mother with us. Anyway, it’s the day to celebrate your mother and show her just how much you care and your thanks for all she does for you (are you reading this Helen &  Peter?)

Charbonnel et Walker, sea salt banana caramel, truffles
10 truffles nestled in their box waiting to be eaten…

Here are some food related ideas. Chocolate is always a great gift for someone like myself who adores it. Not any old chocolate though although I am quite partial to Cadburys. Good old Cadburys, always there when you need them. But there are some really special chocolates out there and not all expensive.

Charbonnel et Walker, sea salt banana caramel, truffles

Our good friends at Charbonnel et Walker sent us a box of Sea salt banana caramel truffles and as Helen is gallivanting around Asia backpacking at the moment it was down to me to test them out. How lucky was I? I must come clean and admit that I ate the whole box in one evening. Yes, they were that good!

Charbonnel et Walker, sea salt banana caramel, truffles
Yum. The caramel oozes out..

There were 10 truffles in my box whereas I’m sure there are normally only 9 so that was a stroke of luck! Dusted with icing sugar the truffle balls nestled inside their little paper wrappers waiting to be scoffed. The milk chocolate is nice and thick and easily melts in the mouth. The sea salt banana caramel centre oozes out and is so, so delicious. A nice subtle banana taste. Funny because I’m not really a bananary kind of person. These were an exception. Easy to buy, they’re available from John Lewis and some Waitrose stores priced at £12.50. They are also available from Charbonnel’s Old Bond Street Arcade store in London or even Harrods. At both of these stores you can also choose from lots of delicious Charbonnel truffles/chocolates to put into a gift bag or a gift box which is great.

Aneesh Popat, The Chocolatier, cabernet sauvignon vinegar, beetroot & hazelnut, truffle
The Chocolatier’s beetroot, hazelnut & Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar truffle

Some other favourite chocolates of mine are from Aneesh Popat, The Chocolatier. His water ganache truffles are amazing. The beetroot, hazelnut & Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar truffle – created for 1 Michelin star chef Andy McFadden – is delicious and very much like a smooth glass of the wine itself. The milk salted caramel is only 38 calories! These are available online and some stores – see the website for details.

Cloud Nine, cloud nine marshmallows, marshmallows
Cloud Nine marshmallows

Of course, if your mother doesn’t like chocolate there are always marshmallows – Cloud Nine Marshmallows are excellent, read our review a gift token, flowers or perhaps take her out for a meal, cake & coffee or afternoon tea. Search our pages for ideas on where to go. Whatever you do, make her feel special.

Living life, loving mothers.

A x


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  1. I don’t think those banana truffles would be safe around me for long either, they look amazing. I’d love to get a box for Mother’s Day so I’ll be leaving lots of hints for the hubby!

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