Cloud Nine Marshmallows

salted peanut, marshmallows, Cloud Nine, Strawberry & champagne
Salted caramel peanut and champagne & strawberry

Cloud Nine Marshmallows recently sent me some of their delightful marshmallows to sample. It’s nice to try something different other than chocolate – although I do adore it.

marshmallows, Cloud Nine, strawberry & champagne, salted caramel peanut
They smell delicious!

I received two bags, one containing Champagne & strawberry hearts, the other salted caramel peanut.

marshmallows, Cloud Nine, strawberry & champagne
Champagne & strawberry heart marshmallow

As soon as I opened the packet I could smell the aroma from the strawberries. The Champagne & strawberry tasted delicious. Five strawberry hearts dusted in a coating of, I don’t know what, but resembling strawberries with the little pips in them.

marshmallows, Cloud Nine, strawberry & champagne
Soft & fluffy centre

The other five are white and drizzled with a lovely dark chocolate. Both are suffused with champagne.

marshmallows, Cloud Nine, strawberry & champagne
Drizzled with dark chocolate

Biting into them was not at all like the marshmallows I’m used to. The sort you buy in a supermarket or have on top of a naughty mug of hot chocolate with squirty cream. Those marshmallows can have that ‘squeaky’ feel to them which isn’t nice. These were soft and squidgy, and fluffy!

marshmallows, Cloud Nine, strawberry & champagne

The salted caramel peanut marshmallows had tiny pieces of peanuts inside. They were very subtle tasting, not too overpowering and were very nice indeed. A sweet and savoury treat. Again the texture was the same as the Champagne & strawberry marshmallows. The sea salt used is natural and is “hand-harvested from clear waters off the coast of Cornwall”.

salted caramel peanut, Cloud Nine, marshmallows
Salted caramel peanut

Murphy Williams  – who makes the Cloud Nine Marshmallows – has an excellent website (with wonderful marshmallow music) showing the hand-made, Gold Award winning marshmallows she sells with not only a history on how she began making them, but also very interestingly, about marshmallows themselves and where they originate from – Egyptian times! And the more modern marshmallows from France. Whoever thought there was a marshmallow plant! No, it’s not April Fool’s day, I had no idea that this was true! There are also people who have a fear of marshmallows and they are called althaiophobes. Not me though.

salted caramel peanut, Cloud nine, marshamllows
Testing for ‘squidgyness’.

I didn’t keep the marshmallows all to myself. I did share them out a little and all thought them really nice. Even my husband who hasn’t a sweet tooth at all and would never normally choose to have a marshmallow.

There are five flavours available including Lemon meringue and Pistachio & white chocolate. I think these will make the perfect gift with Mother’s Day and Easter coming up rather than the ubiquitous chocolates or flowers. Or a birthday gift, Wedding favours, a treat or to serve at a dinner party as petits-fours. The list is endless.

Once eating them you will be on Cloud Nine too.


Living life, loving cake

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