Lucky’s Mad Hatter Brownies

Handmade to order 70% chocolate brownies
Handmade to order 70% chocolate brownies

Having previously reviewed Lucky’s Tiny Pieces of Wonderland and visited their pop-up shop in Kingly Court, I was desperate to try their Mad Hatter Brownies, the latest addition to their extensive range of treats. Receiving a selection of chocolate brownies in the middle of a heat wave wasn’t ideal but they soon regained formation after spending a little time in the fridge. The good thing about these brownies was that the heat nor the fridge seemed to do any harm and they were both as fresh and as soft a couple of days after receiving them, as they would have been just out the oven.

I guessed this flavour was 'Selection of Berries'
I guessed this flavour was ‘Selection of Berries’

Lucky’s Mad Hatter Brownies come in a staggering 30 different flavours from Peppermint Cream to Savoiardi Sponge and Rum. The large selection of flavours is great if like me, you can never decide as you want to try them all! I wasn’t notified of the flavours my batch contained so it was up to me to determine which one was which – how fun! I love guessing flavours and this taste session was no exception! Each flavour is made from 70% cocoa resulting in incredibly rich and moist brownies. The first flavour I tried tasted as if it contained raspberries and sultanas –  I could see the sultanas and also taste the sharpness of berries, plus the small seeds gave it a way.  When looking at the range of flavours after sampling them, I imagine this may have been ‘Selection of Berries‘.

I guess this flavour was 'Classic'
I guessed this flavour was ‘Classic’

The second flavour I believe was classic chocolate as it didn’t have a distinct taste, not even of chocolate. What it lacked in chocolate it certainly made up for with it’s freshness. Even after four days of receiving them, the brownies were incredibly moist and sticky and they were still fresh when I took the rest along to a picnic with friends the following week. The texture of these brownies are different to what I’ve experienced before such as those by the Devilishly Good Brownie Company. Lucky’s Mad Hatter brownies are more moist and gooey, almost like a chocolate truffle and they don’t have the crispy top a brownie usually has, but these differences aren’t necessarily a bad thing – for I enjoyed them very much –  they are just different and one you must try and decide for yourself.

I guessed that this flavour was 'White Chocolate and Macadamias'
I guessed that this flavour was ‘White Chocolate and Macadamias’

The third flavour was a little less gooey but still tasted nice and fresh. Pieces of nuts were visible throughout the brownie and so were the chunks of white chocolate. The addition of white chocolate gave the brownies a lovely creamy taste while the nuts added an alternative texture. I guess that this flavour must have been White Chocolate and Macadamias.

I guessed that this flavour was 'Milk Chocolate Caramel Chunks'
I guessed that this flavour was ‘Milk Chocolate Caramel Chunks’

I saved the best looking flavour until last as this contained huge chunks of what looked like soft fudge. Lucky’s are certainly very generous with what they put into their brownies, be it chocolate/caramel chunks, or nuts etc., You could tell this brownie was gooey at first glance as you could almost see the moisture on the outside of the brownie and it nearly fell apart when I tried to pick it up. It turned out that the chunks were actually soft caramel which tasted delicious. I guessed that this brownie was Milk Caramel Chunks and it was by far my favourite of the bunch.

A great gift for a very lucky person!
A great gift for a very lucky person!

These brownies make the perfect gift as they come in a nicely packaged box (you can even choose the colour!) and seem to last forever, unlike many baked goods. All boxes are handmade to order and a batch of brownies cost from just £14.95 with the option to choose up to three flavours when ordering a larger box. Lucky’s Mad Hatter Brownies can be ordered online and if you sign up to their website you receive 10% off all orders! I highly recommend having a browse through their range. A particular favourite of mine are the Tiny Pieces of Wonderland: a selection of miniature cake-filled chocolates!

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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