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Little Rogue combines two of Melbourne greatest traits; laneway culture and great coffee. Recently opened, Little Rogue is tucked away down Drewery Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. I instantly knew it was worth a visit by the hipsters hanging around outside which thankfully made it a little easier to find. I was greeted by one of the baristas who were hard at work making coffees. A few small tables inside allow the use of their nicely branded coffee mugs and sources which are coloured bright blue. There wasn’t enough seating for me and my friend Phoebe, but that didn’t matter as it was a gorgeous summer’s day so we were more than happy to sit outside on the kerb.

Inside Little Rogue

Whilst waiting for my coffee I bumped into local artist Roberth who I had once met at 2 Pocket Espresso, where I’d enjoyed a delicious iced chai latte. Roberth and I share a love of coffee and he told me how he drops by Little Rogue for coffee every day before work despite working in a coffee shop himself. Coming from Columbia, the “land of coffee” some may say, he certainly knows his stuff as he rates the barista’s at Little Rogue some of Melbourne’s finest.

Coffee of the day

I would certainly agree as I enjoyed a very nice skinny latte which was made from one of the house blends on offer that day called ‘Candyman‘. On the menu showcasing a selection of coffees available, Candyman was described as sweet, malted milk and macadamia butter, which sounded just like my perfect kind of blend. There was also a filter and batch brew to choose from if you didn’t fancy espresso.

It was very had to resist the cakes on display!

I decided not to have cake as it was a Tuesday and I was still recovering from a weekend of eating and drinking over ones means, plus I had already tried the Butterbing cakes on offer at Cafe BÜ once before. As lovely as the salted caramel filled chocolate cookie was, I’m all about trying new things.

A lovely large takeaway latte

Little Rogue is a great little place to grab a coffee and cake with friends, with a number of Melbourne’s best bakers delivering at different days of the week, sadly not the day I happened to visit – typical. The coffee was reasonably priced and tasted great and the baristas were both friendly which is always a bonus. I also like their logo and social media efforts – a sucker for marketing, me. I will certainly return to Little Rogue and suggest you do too. There’s something special about finding a small coffee shop tucked away down one of Melbourne’s many laneways. 

Living life, loving coffee,

H x

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