Like Minded Projects, Melbourne

Like Minded Projects on Smith Street

I admit it. I’m fully addicted to researching about the latest Melbourne opening or event. I was exactly the same when I lived in London, always looking up new things to do and the ‘hip’ places to go. When I heard about Like Minded Projects at the Collingwood end of Smith Street, I knew I just had to go. Like Minded Projects is a collaboration between three local hospo brands; Ace, Fred Gets and Coffee Supreme, who share the same ‘clean eating’ philosophy. 

Ace Cookies explaining about their products

Most of the goods on offer are raw, vegan and pretty darn healthy. They look good too, which is one of the reason’s why I paid nearly nine bucks for a slice of cake not much bigger than my index finger. Presentation is key and Like Minded Project have pretty much nailed it.

For starters they don’t have a website or even an Instagram page which rather annoyingly makes them impossible to contact, but the mysteriousness only heightens my desire to find out more. I suggested to my friend Phoebe that we go check them out one weekday afternoon, hangout with the cool kids of Fitzroy and see what all the fuss is about. Sharing a love of healthy guilt-free treats we couldn’t decide between one of Ace’s raw cookies or a dainty dessert from Pana Chocolate who have an array of tasty treats on display.

A selection of raw, healthy treats, most by Pana Chocolate

I had previously sampled Pana Chocolate at the Chocolate Festival and loved the flavours (especially the sour cherry and vanilla) so I suggested to Phoebe we try one of these despite the $8.50 price tag. Also, the raspberry, grapefruit and white chocolate slice made an awesome addition to my Instagram page. We had what could be described as half a nibble each, but my God it was one of the most enjoyable nibble I’ve had in a while.

Raw cookies from Ace – perfect with a glass of their almond milk

After seeing photos of Ace on social media, I knew I just had to try something of theirs, so I picked up some of their Chai Almond Milk which we shared as we were worried it may have been too sickly and also, at a cost of $7.50 this was turning into one expensive catch up. Again, we had practically a thimble of milk each but it was one hell of a flavoursome sip and not at all in the way sickly, very moorish in fact.

Healthy lunch from Fred Gets

I had a gander at the fresh salads and savoury goods by Fred Gets which looked great for lunch, especially the topped veggie flatbreads. Coffee by Coffee Supreme was off the agenda as I had just come from a coffee tasting at Aunty Peg’s but I hear it’s pretty decent too.

Like Minded Projects is also home to a cool retail space

What I like most about Like Minded Projects is that you can grab a number of different healthy goods from different brands under one roof. A large part of the room is also a retail space where you can pick up the latest coffee machine or some retro style bowls.

Yummy Mummy’s in their gym gear making me feel guilty eating my second cake of the day

It’s a good place to spend the day working or catching up with friends although I have a feeling they don’t have wifi and you’d have to have a pretty large wallet to spend the whole day here. And that’s the only downside about Like Minded Projects, the high prices aren’t friendly to freelancers like me and are more suited to yummy mummy’s in their designer tracksuits. Maybe one day I’ll be back.

Living life, loving healthy treats,


H x


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