Chocolate Week Favourites No.5: Banoffee Truffle

As Chocolate Week sadly draws to a close, I’d like to share with you one last chocolate from no other than British Chocolatier Charbonnl et Walker. Charbonnel’s Banoffee Truffle is certainly something different, making it the perfect end to a chocolate filled week. I like Banoffee Pie but the thought of banana flavoured chocolate just doesn’t do it for me. This in mind, I was a little sceptical to try Charbonnel et Walker’s Banoffee Truffle. However, it was only fair I gave every truffle a try (over time!) and the Banoffee certainly surprised me.

The chocolate outer layer was the usual Charbonnel’s milk chocolate; thick; luxurious and very, very tasty. Hidden within is a smooth toffee paste which is strong essence of banana. By no means does the taste of banana overpower the toffee, which is lucky as without the toffee I imagine this chocolate tasting a little odd. I have nightmares about the horrible banana foam sweets you get in pick-n-mix, which tastes like some kind of ointment you’d get from the doctor.

The blend of flavours work well to create a truffle which actually tastes like banoffee, the sort you’d get in your granny’s home-made Banoffee Pie, not the frozen ones found in Iceland. The texture is very indulgent and there’s a sense of quality within each delicate truffle. One thing Charbonnel’s Banoffee Truffle has taught me is to try everything. Even though you many not like a flavour in other foods, the combination with chocolate may surprise you. I wouldn’t suggest purchasing a box of Banoffee truffles as a gift if the person doesn’t like Banana, as it isn’t to everyone’s taste. However, I can be fairly sure that once sampled, this chocolate will become an all time favourite. Charbonnel et Walker’s Banoffee Truffle is available in a charming gift box containing 8 truffles priced at £11.95.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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