Chocolate Week Favourites No.4: Mazipan Amande

I’ve always been fond of marzipan since my first visit to London at the age of 5, which involved a visit to Patisserie Valerie. Back then the only Patisserie Valerie was a small Italian cafe located just up the road from Harrods, a world away from today’s identical chains scattered across London. Like a kid in a sweet shop (I was never one for sweets, cakes are far more appealing) my 5 year old eyes were glued to the window display. I chose one of Patisserie Valerie’s infamous animal figures made from marzipan. I continued to work my way through the zoo of marzipan figures up until my teenage years when the novelty of animals wore off and I became far more interested in cake.Chocolate mazipan offer something totally different to the other chocolates sold by a chocolatier. The taste and texture are completely different to that of a truffle, a flavoured chocolate or a praline. Charbonnel et Walker’s Mazipan Amande is no exception and I always include one in my purchase. The imported Lubeker style, almond marzipan comes in two varieties; milk and plain chocolate. Although I prefer milk chocolate, the combination of plain chocolate and marzipan is a match made in heaven. As a variation of my usual purchase, this Marzipan Amande was covered in milk chocolate. With a gentle bite, Charbonnel’s delicious milk chocolate comes away from the marzipan with ease. The diamond shaped marzipan is soft and incredibly moist. The Marzipan Amande is just as big in flavour as it is in size, with its distinct sweetness. It is best enjoyed in numerous bites, as with the majority of Charbonnel’s chocolates.If you are purchasing single chocolates from Charbonnel’s counter, which boasts a huge selection of confectionery, be sure to include a marzipan.  Charbonnel et Walker’s Marzipan Amande are sold singly in their UK stores and can be found in their popular chocolate selection boxes.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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