This Week’s Sweet Treats: 19/12/2014

What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s five of our favourites! Clockwise from L-R
1. Goodness me this looks seriously good. Something I shall have to try when I visit Helen. This was from N2 Extreme Gelato, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. Smooth salted caramel Gelato with pretzel pieces and what was similar to a glazed Krispy Creme doughnut, topped with popcorn which Helen said was lovely.
2. Wednesday’s club ride ended up right on the beach at Bracklesham Bay for lunch. After arriving too late for elevenses at Chichester Marina (after I got lost as usual) I was almost running on empty. My salvation was Billy’s On The Beach where I had a really nice prawn and avocado open sandwich and to make up for missing my cake at elevenses, I took home this Snickers Rocky Road bar which was packed with biscuit pieces, mini marshmallows and of course bits of Snickers, with a large slice going right through the middle.
3. I must say that The Hungry Guest’s chocolate brownies are still the best I’ve ever eaten. I had lunch with a cycling pal at Artisan Café, Southgate, Chichester yesterday for a catch-up. For lunch I had a very tasty Stilton & bacon tartine along with a small serving of mixed salad leaves. My favourite cordial, sour cherry, red grape & hibiscus from Mr Fitzpatricks, which I can’t seem to find a bottle of anywhere to buy, apart from the Hungry Guest’s Food Shop in Petworth, which is miles away from me. (If anyone knows of somewhere closer I can get it do let me know please). I also enjoyed a nice flat white with the brownie which was served with crème fraîche – the brownie not the flat white. The same brownies are also available at Salt Café at Wicor Marine, Portchester.
4. Helen’s blueberry banana bread from Market Lane Coffee, at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, was distinctly average Helen said and she cannot find a decent banana bread in Melbourne. Sydney and Perth seem to have so much nicer ones. This was on a recent road trip with friends.
5. Hot cakes (like American pancakes) from Drugstore Espresso South Yarra, Australia. Helen didn’t have these I must confess, but Lana from Feast Melbourne whom Helen was meeting with did and Helen thought the one she had from Top Paddock looked nicer. However, she did enjoy a lovely refreshing frozen espresso which we shall feature in Sweet Treats next week.
Living life, loving cake

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