This week’s sweet treats: 16/01/2015

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What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s five of our favourites! Clockwise from L-R
1. Helen enjoyed this delicious fresh flourless boysenberry & yoghurt cake from Hobba, Prahran, Victoria, Australia. A boysenberry is a cross between a European Raspberry, a Common Blackberry, an American Dewberry and a Loganberry.
2. What better way to start a Great Ocean Road trip with friends than with a whoopie pie and a coffee from Cafe BÜ, Carlton, Melbourne.
3. Technically I didn’t have cake at Blendworth Furnishings Cafe in Horndean  on Friday but they did look rather tempting and with a large selection. I have had cakes many a time from there before so I can vouch for them.
4. A nice fruit flapjack from The Forge in Slindon, West Sussex, which was half way round our country walk. Geoff fell off the diet wagon for few minutes and had this flapjack whilst I only had a bite. The Forge is a nice little café and village shop run and owned by the community. There’s are some lovely walks nearby and a great place to cycle to.

5. Helen used my recipe to make this Victoria sponge cake for a friend’s birthday. Her cake tins were too large and the oven was too hot, which resulted in a rather dry thin sponge. The butter frosting however was delicious. You can see another photo of her cake on her Instagram page. The picture on top of the cake was of a surf board made from ready-to-roll icing which I (and everyone I’ve shown) thought looked like a pair of white lips 😉

Living life, loving cake

A x

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