Velo Domestique, Bournemouth

Velo Domestique, Bournemouth’s first cycling cafe

This cafe has been on my ‘to-do’ list for ages. I know, I know, I keep banging on about my list but it’s quite literally as long as my arm.

I follow Velo Domestique on Instagram and Facebook and it looked like my kind of place, I mean, smashed avo’, coffee, cake and bikes, what’s not to like! We haven’t been that far west for a while, apart from a trip last August to walk part of the South West Coastal Path with Felicity Macintosh so this was our chance.

Anyway, Geoff decided we needed a weekend away from the ‘kids’ 😂 before the big day – Christmas Day – and the New Year celebrations. We had stayed in a B&B in the Dorchester countryside on the Saturday evening and the previous night, Sunday in Bournemouth as we wanted to see the FB Pocket Orcherstra at Chaplins in Boscombe, an eclectic and interesting bar themed on Charlie Chaplin where they play most months.

Velo Domestique Bournemouth, Chaplins Bournemouth, Staggeringly Good
The FB Pocket Orchestra with a pint of Staggeringly Good Brewery’s StaggerSauras in the foreground

We didn’t have breakfast at the new Premier Inn (which have amazing beds I can tell you, the mattress is a ‘must have‘) as we had planned to have breakfast on Christmas Eve at Velo Domestique.

Some of the decor

The cafe is inside a bike shop – or maybe it’s a bike shop inside a cafe. We received a friendly welcome as we entered, grabbed a menu off the counter and found a seat. There are two doors, one for the bike side and one for the cafe which made it a little chilly. Obviously I can understand why they have two doors.

The menu is not huge and you wouldn’t really expect it to be in this kind of establishment – think hipster – but there were several things upon it of which I liked and thankfully, Geoff too – he’s a fussy fella.

The menu

Porridge, bacon ciabatta roll, pancakes, soup are just some of the dishes they offer. On the back of the menu was a whole list of drinks, lots of coffees made all kinds of different ways, V60, aeropress for example and a few craft beers are also available.

I settled for one of my favourite dishes, good old smashed avo’ with halloumi as an extra for another £1.50. My favourite combination.

Smashed avo’

There was plenty of halloumi and avocado which was served on sourdough bread (from Bakehouse 24 in Ringwood, another one I intend to visit but they were only selling bread on Christmas Eve otherwise we would have popped in on our way home). Sprinkled on and around the dish were toasted seeds and watercress. We shared a V60 pour over for two people which gave us two cups each.

Geoff went for the scrambled eggs on sourdough, with bacon as an extra, which he enjoyed.

Scrambled egg & bacon on sourdough

Only one cake was on offer, I’m guessing because it was Christmas Eve. Thankfully it was one we both would like, raspberry & white chocolate blondie. Although it wasn’t the best blondie I’ve ever eaten, it was nice enough.

White chocolate & raspberry blondie

The bike shop not only sell custom build bikes but also do up old ones too. They offer bike services and repairs, plus you’ll find all that you need such as puncture repair kits, tyres, tubes etc., A few other items for sale are t-shirts and mugs with the cafes name & logo on (which I wanted but they didn’t appear to have any). Velo Domestique organise some bike events in the year such as the Cranksgiving and the Pizza Run.

Some bikes for sale or awaiting collection

I’d love a place like this in Portsmouth – even though I dislike cycling in Pompey, preferring to get out of the city as quickly as possible and into the countryside.

We will certainly visit Velo Domestique again when in the area.

Ambience 8
Value 8
Service 8
Quality 8
Return? Yep
Overall 8/10

Living life, loving cake

A x


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