This week’s sweet treats : 24/07/2015


What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week in England and Australia. Here’s five of our favourites! Clockwise from L-R:

1. Helen’s given me this recipe for some amazing banana bread which she makes on the cattle station, it looks divine so I’m going to try making it this weekend.

2. I had this little Mooncake by Pan di Stelle at my friend’s house whilst we were watching her box set of ‘Cold Feet’. A nice soft sponge with a chocolate gooey centre, Catia used to have these when she was a child in Italy.

3. Geoff’s dessert of Brioche & butter pudding with custard, which came in a sweet little bottle, was at newly opened Crate & Apple in Chichester, West Sussex. I’m hoping to return next week for an evening meal with my friends so look out for our review in a couple of week’s time.

4. I don’t know, I hadn’t been to Gracie-Ann’s Tearoom in Port Solent, Portsmouth for ages and I end up going twice in just four days! And I had an almost identical lunch, prawn & Marie rose sandwiches, Mmm. A different cake though, this time ‘Confetti’ cake and very nice it was too, made by Beceries who you can find at Southsea Farmers Markets and others around Hampshire.

5. Not a sweet treat but a treat nonetheless. A cheese slate containing cheeses from Neals Yard Dairy at Cowdray Farm Shop & Café in Midhurst, West Sussex.

There, I’ve kept it short this week as Helen says I write too much 😉
Living life, loving cake

A x



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