This week’s sweet treats: 17.06.13

This week's sweet treats!
This week’s sweet treats!

What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly roundup of the sweetest treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s 5 of our favourites….

This week’s sweet treats (clockwise from top left):

  1. A scoop of ‘Strawberry Yogurt’ and ‘Cremino’ gelato from La Gelatiera. Find out why this is some of the best gelato in London in our review.
  2. Cake to celebrate Total Greek’s birthday by master pâtissier Eric Lanlard. Click here to read our review and find the recipe here! 
  3. A lovely end to a lovely meal. White chocolate cheesecake from Van Speyk,  Amsterdam
  4. The best apple pie I’ve ever tasted from Winkel 43, Amsterdam
  5. Classic victoria sponge from Konditor and Cook, London – this week they have lots of cake promotions!

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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