This week’s sweet treats : 10/07/2015

What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week in England and Australia. Here’s five of our favourites!
1. Poor Helen’s stuck in the middle of almost nowhere in the outback of Western Australia. She’s enjoying herself on the cattle station even though it’s darned hard work, up at 4.30am, bed at around 8pm. Can’t be all bad as she’s staying on for a while longer. Only two eateries in the nearest town of Fitzroy Crossing, Helen ate at Fitzroy River Lodge’s Lounge Bar where they have three dessert specials a day. This is white chocolate & berry vanilla panna cotta served with vanilla ice-cream.
2. The Kitchen in the Florence House Hotel in Southsea is jolly nice. We’ve recently visited for both lunch and evening meal. I can definitely recommend this dessert which is the Hot Chocolate Pudding. A light chocolate soufflé, pistachio ice cream, small cubes of Turkish Delight dipped in chocolate, a sprinkling of crushed pistachios and edible flower petals and saving the best until last, a slab of pistachio brittle on the side which was superb!
3. The Courtyard Cafe which is situated inside the lovely historic Southsea Castle, was formally the Yellow Kite Café which we reviewed only last year. The surroundings haven’t changed a great deal, nor I don’t think the inside very much so I’m not sure it’s worth reviewing again. We each ordered different ciabattas and a portion of chips to share. A nice chocolate cake – a little like a brownie really as it was quite thick and gloopy – and a chocolate chip shortbread. I can recommend the place, we’d certainly return. OopsI’ve just realised that this was in last week’s sweet treats but as it’s almost midnight it’s too late to change it now, aaargh. I wonder if any of you would have noticed if I hadn’t said anything 😉 !
4. I had breakfast sitting in the sunshine at the Chocolate Lounge in Copnor Road, Portsmouth this week. Granola with yoghurt and a berry compote, quite tasty. Friendly service and a nice eclectic mix of decor inside. And then of course there’s the Chocablock handmade chocolate counter, although not I’m sorry to say, to my taste.
5. A coconut muffin at Café Meon was enjoyed by myself whilst on a cycle ride. The cafe is vegan/vegetarian and also most foods are gluten free. This is my new find at Chesapeake Mill in Wickham, I’m hoping to review it for Monday’s blog post so I won’t give too much away for now, this is just a little teaser.
Living life, loving cake
A x

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  1. John Ellwood says: Reply

    Absolutely fantastic food. I am a vegetarian but with food like this, going vegan is certainly the next step. Lovely food, lovely staff and nice environment. Will be going back….this Sunday hopefully!

    Can you have one in Drayton please!

    1. Good news just in, John, Offbeet (at Chesapeake Mill) are opening up in Southsea and Southampton this summer! Not in Drayton though I’m sorry :'(

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