This week’s sweet treats : 08/05/2015

What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week in England and Australia. Here’s five of our favourites! Clockwise from L-R:
1. Helens getting very good at cooking and baking after working on a cattle station for the past month. This delicious looking cake is a mixture of a cheesecake base, a brownie centre with a butter cream topping. Not the easist thing for the guys to take out into the bush, but I’m sure it went down a treat just the same.
2. We visited Annie Jones Restaurant and Tapas Bar in Petersfield last week for my birthday meal. It’s a pattiserie, tapas bar and restaurant all rolled into one. This dessert was ‘textures of chocolate‘ which was very tasty indeed. Read more about our visit by clicking the link above.
3. If you go anywhere this weekend go to Cheese & Cheers in Osborne Road in Southsea. I’ve been twice in four days and I almost made it thrice if it hadn’t been for a friend who wanted to go elsewhere – boooo, some friend huh? They have been open for only 6 weeks and the two lovely French ladies in there are very nice. I love the place! I won’t tell you too much as it’s Monday’s blog post so don’t miss it! You can sign up to receive our blog posts via email so you don’t miss any by visiting our website and click on ‘subscribe’ or ‘like‘ us on Facebook and Instagram.
4. We couldn’t get into Gracie-Ann’s at the weekend which is a shame as we haven’t been there for a while. It was packed, which is good news for them of course. We went to La Cuisine which is a bit out of the way tucked around a corner and perhaps some people don’t know about. It was looking decidedly tired in there but the food was fresh and very tasty. I had a very nice avocado & bacon sandwich on granary bread and this is a toffee cake.
5. And last but by no means least, I’ve saved the very best until last, drum roll please…. a box of delicious chocolates from the great chocolatier himself, Willy Wonky Aneesh Popat The Chocolatier! Helen had him send me this lovely box of chocolates for my birthday present, water ganache based containing no butter or cream and low in calories – honest! Almost a week later I have only three left 🙁  I’m saving the Cabernet Savignon, vinegar & hazelnut one until the very last as its my favourite. Supplier to Royalty and Michelin starred restaurants 😉 Only the best for me.
Living life, loving cake
A x

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