• Hong Kong
  • Eating my way round Hong Kong

    Good news foodies, I’m going to give you the low-down on Hong Kong’s best local eats to give you a taste of what this incrEDIBLE city has to offer. After my unfortunate incident with a parasite which left me hospitalalized, you would have thought I’d be off local eats, but those who have travelled Asia know […]

  • Weekly Treats
  • This week’s sweet treats: 12/09/2014

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    What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s five of our favourites! Clockwise from L-R  1.  ‘Tasting of Chocolate and strawberry’ was my choice of dessert at The Royal Oak, East Lavant. West Sussex. This consisted of two wonderfully gooey chocolate […]