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  • Charbonnel et Walker truffles – two new delicious flavours

    Charbonnel et Walker, dark sea salt caramel truffles, raspberry marc de champagne truffles, truffles, chocolate, champagne, Marc de champagne

    It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you all that I love chocolate and am particularly partial to Charbonnel et Walker’s truffles. I don’t think I’ve actually come across any that I don’t like and I’ve tried them all, many of which we have reviewed on our blog.  So it was great to learn […]

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  • Mother’s Day – gift ideas

    Charbonnel et Walker, sea salt banana caramel, truffles

    Mother’s Day. The only day of the year that I wish I’d had more children – apart from my birthday I suppose. Plus one of the very many days where I wish I still had my lovely mother with us. Anyway, it’s the day to celebrate your mother and show her just how much you […]

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  • Christmas Gift Ideas

    Every year I aim to start buying Christmas presents early and every year, I fail to do so. The problem is, if you buy gifts too early the receiver either goes out and buys it for themselves anyway, which results in you having to exchange it and then think of something else for that person, […]

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  • Charbonnel et Walker’s Limited Edition Swarovski Box

    To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation, Charbonnel et Walker have launched a limited edition box in collaboration with Swarovski. The sparkling Swarovski crystal box is filled with their new Milk Chocolate Praline Crowns which are handmade in England like all Charbonnel chocolates.  I was lucky enough to receive this special box of Milk […]