Squisitezza by La Sagra

I first came across La Sagra when I was researching the exhibitors at this year’s Chocolate Unwrapped, a London-based chocolate show hosted as part of National Chocolate Week.  Influenced by the fine foods of Italy, La Sagra produce creative dessert chocolates in a range of seasonal flavours. Prior to the event, I got chatting to the lovely owner Angie, who told me all about her Squisitezza, La Sagra’s speciality. Squisitezza is a dessert chocolate presented in a small oval shaped pot. The Squisitezza menu from La Sagra boasts an extensive selection of both traditional and novel seasonal dessert flavours such as Crème Brule and Sweet Salt with Toasted Pecan. When I met Angie at Chocolate Unwrapped, she kindly offered me a sample to try. I chose Pear and Hazelnut as I’m intrigued by unique combinations and it is part of the new autumn range.The Squisitezza was presented in a small black oval pot which slightly resembled a cauldron  A sticker of a witch was placed on the front, making it the perfect Halloween treat. Although a small plastic spoon is provided, I chose to eat mine with my favourite dessert spoon (actually a small espresso spoon) which is perfect for this kind of thing. The chocolate wasn’t as hard as a bar of chocolate but it was hard enough to scrape away onto the spoon. This makes it last longer and can therefore be enjoyed over time.  If it was a softer consistency, like a mousse, it would have been gobbled in a couple of spoonfuls. The intensity of the flavour hit me on the first mouthful. It’s amazing how the tiny scrape of chocolate on my spoon contained so much flavour.  The rich intense chocolate tasted a little like dark chocolate, yet I think it was actually milk. Hidden amongst the chocolate were tiny pieces of dried pear, which reminded me of the dried pear I get in my Graze box. The taste of pear was extraordinary but luckily it didn’t overpower the chocolate. Furthermore, the halves of hazelnuts accompanying the pear provided both an alternative and incredibly complementary texture and taste.Squisitezza are perfect when you are left craving something sweet after a meal but can’t quite manage a slice of cheesecake or a bowl of trifle. The dense consistency and unbelievable flavour makes this chocolate feel like a proper dessert and far more satisfying that a single square or truffle. Squisitezza are served as dessert at La Sagra’s Afternoon Tea which is held every couple of months as part of the increasingly popular underground Supper Club concept. At just £17.50 per person, the afternoon tea is filled with buttered crumpets, finger sandwiches and traditional cream tea, leavings you feeling both full and satisfied. I yearn to attend.  Squisitezza can also be purchased online at a price of £1.75 which in my eyes, is great value for money as this indulgent dessert is sure to last longer than a cupcake usually priced at approximately £3. If you often crave something sweet after a meal and like me, are often too full for dessert, Squisitezza is the answer.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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  1. This looks amazing!!

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